Body shop born lippy strawberry lip balm review

I have been using both body shop bath gloves and born lippy strawberry lip balm since five six months now so I thought of reviewing them.To start with lip balms Body shop has so many varieties of lip balm that it makes me love the brand more .They have mango, papaya , passion fruit lip butter ,  Hi shine lip treatment, She lip care stick and the list goes on.I bought this one because it was decently priced and when I used the tester it was smelling great.
This pic I got from the body shop website.


About Body shop born lippy strawberry lip balm :-

A glossy and moisturising lip balm, with a sweet fruity flavour, that leaves lips looking and feeling soft, smooth and kissable.

                                                           This one is mine:D
Price: Rs195 for 10 ml

My views:-

Pros:-Body shop born lippy strawberry lip balm:-

  • Lip balms is moisturizing and gives a sheer pinkish color to my lips.
  • My lips doesn’t feel greasy at all after applying the balm.
  • I love the strawberry scent which it has and has a sweet flavour.
  •  It even removes away bit of lip tanning and gives your lips pinkish color.
  • It is great to carry in your bag because it doesn’t melt at all even when the temperature is 40 degree.
  • Ohh!!! yes your lips will be really kissable when you apply it;)


Cons:-Body shop born lippy strawberry lip balm:-


  • Though it comes in a cute pot but I always have to sterilized my hands before putting my finger tip into the pot.
  • If you are looking for heavy moisturizing for your lips then it is not the one for you.

Worth a buy-Yes it completely a worth especially in summers.Albeit before buying it again I will also like to try other flavor too.This lip balm is suitable for those who like to enjoy the strawberry taste , a cute pinkish glow and scented strawberry smell with bit of moisturizer.


Have you tried Body shop born lippy strawberry lip balm ?


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  1. Ive been using the same lip balm! Its great but you're right about the pot. Its nt very user friendly. The lip balm even gets stuck in my nails at times.

  2. i love body shop's products. haven't tried the lip balm yet but i am sure it will be good…thanks for the review 🙂

  3. @ Ash – Its one of my favorite too :)@ Sunaina – Yup it certainly is :)@ Humaira – hey girl!!! I guess this will be of same price there also..just check 🙂


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