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I never used any hair mask, as I never thought it’s necessary plus I wanted to try most of the home remedy posted by Anamika. So this time when we went for the body shop sale my friend saw this mask and literally jumped on it, it seems she was using it for quite some time and oh ya! I didn’t tell you guys….

Body Shop’s Brazil Nut Moisture Mask is Limited Addition,

so it’s not available in shops mostly. She said she was looking for this mask for long time and  purchased four tubs of it 😛 Ya ! that’s right four…to stock can think of my reaction 😉 And she made me and  other friend to buy at least one tub each.

Then she just showed me and our other friend few other ladies who got more than 10 tubs of it.  Ya! that’s right  more than 10!! The shopping bag was full of this mask and this happened on the 1st day of sale around lunch time the stock was almost over, then again on the 2nd day I went to the sale with my other friend (ya ..I know it’s kinda weird but I have promised my friends to go with her…;) ) and these mask went out of stock the very next day.

Body shop brazil Nut Moisture Mask reviews+Body shop brazil nut hair mask review

Well why I’m writing the story? Just to give you guys the picture that this mask is super hot ….whomever using it they don’t blink eye to purchased again and even to stock it up.

  •  Product ~ Body Shop Brazil Nut Moisture Mask
  • For Hair Type ~ Dry/Damage/Chemically Treated Hair – To restore and strengthen.
  • Price ~ SGD 21.90 200ml appr.  INR 850 [**In warehouse sale got it for $12.90]  This mask detail is not available in any of the TBS site so I can’t mention the price in INR or USD]
  • Product Claim ~  (taken from packaging): “Give dry or chemically treated hair some tender-loving care with this moisture-rich potion. With Community Trade Brazil nut oil, sesame oil, and organic olive oil, plus honey to bring back softness and shine.”
  • How to use ~ Apply on wet hair n leave for 15-20 minutes or over-night or for 1 hour.  Next day shampoo n conditioner as normal wash :),

The products says Before shampooing, scoop out, rub your hands together and distribute evenly through damp hair. Wrap hair in a towel and leave for up to 15 minutes, or even overnight. Rinse off, then shampoo and condition as normal.

My Experience  With Body Shop Brazil Nut Moisture Mask 

Nut mask body shop reviews+Body shop hair mask hazel nut

Before we go over to the mask, let’s find something about Brazil nut.

  •  Brazil Nut – These nuts are from Brazil as the name says & it occurs as scattered trees in large forests on the banks of the Amazon, Rio Negro, Tapajós, and the Orinoco.  Brazil nuts are 18% protein, 13% carbohydrates, and 69% fat. The fat breakdown is roughly 25% saturated, 41% monounsaturated, and 34% polyunsaturated. The saturated fat content of Brazil nuts is among the highest of all nuts.  Nutritionally, Brazil nuts are a good source of some vitamins and minerals.

Read more about this nut in Wiki[1]

Well why am writing this to if you come across Brazil nut don’t hesitate to buy, you can use it as any other nuts in your cooking/desserts.

The product comes on packaged 200ml/6.4 Oz jar with screw off lid.  The cream is very thick, firm and in white colour, once you open the lid and it smells so good,  I just loved it and key ingredients is  Brazil Nut Oil.

After I damp my hair, I scooped out little of cream which is very thick and applied  on my hair from roots to tip and leave it for 1hour.  (I don’t normally wrap my hairs in towel).

I use less than say 2 tbsp of cream on each apply as my hair is of medium length.  The amount you need may depend on your hair length.  The cream gets washed off so easily which I was not expecting, then I shampoo my hair. I don’t use conditioner as it’s already cream right.

Wow moment comes once the hair gets dry, the hair becomes so soft, shiny and eliminates frizz.  I apply twice a month so the tub will come long way.

Now I don’t think this actually made a real difference in helping and healing those pesky split ends it just made them less noticeable for a few days. Then again I didn’t expect this to magically heal my dry hair this is an excellent cream, but it doesn’t work miracles!

Overall I would say one can use this cream if your hair lacks lustre but don’t expect wonder from it.  But it sure does make hair look shiner, more volume and soft after few use.  If you have DRY hair then you can sure try this I’m pity sure you won’t be dis-pointed.

My friends says it also helps to reduce hair loss.

Brazil nut moisture mask body shop+Brazil nut hair mask+Body shop product reviews

What I Do Not Like About Body Shop’s Brazil Nut Moisture Mask

  • If you don’t like nut smell then you might not like this cream.
  • The application is little put off, how to wet the hair, apply cream and leave for 15 minutes or say 1 hour?  Over night is sure no for me.
  • I think this is little on expensive side, a sale purchase sure helps.
  • Limited Edition, difficult to find !

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  1. Zara..which treatment mask do u use..? I am feeling lazy even to oil my hair in winters..? my head feels so cold after oiling. i used a nature’s co hair mask and it did help with just 1 use, even during the humid days..when my hair looks like a broom…but it was so messy…

    • i use lots of hair masks…one if the Matrix wala hydra creme, i have recently found the L’oreal hydra one too and I like using the Biotique Musk root hair mask as well…

      m also really lazy t put oil…but its actually very necessary…moreso than summer season when anyways the scalp gets winters the scalp os so dry and my hair becomes so rukha sukha… 🙁

  2. @Zara n ” Limited Edition”
    It’s not available in SG too and in the sale we happened to find it and as I mention it was gone in the 1st day 1st half itself …..
    As my frd corrected the actual price is SGD 26 …..TBS yearly sale will be coming on apr-may …If I go n found this …will let u know guys …
    Inbtw I have other hair mask to review …ehehe

    • my hubs is ok with the smell…but the mess is so horrific…it looks like a warzone once i’m done..and the worst thing is that it even leaves tiny marks..

  3. I bought Brazil Nut body butter and after reading your review Iäm doubbly happy I bought it 🙂 It smells great.. probably will review it soon ,-)


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