Body shop Carbon Black Definer Photos, Price & Swatches

  • Body shop eye definer shade – Black (Crayon Khol Nuance = Noir)
  • Price Rs 395 for 1.25 gm

  • What the product claims:A fade-resistant, intense color pencil for outlining and defining the eyes. They are soft enough to enable smooth application yet firm enough to be smudge-resistant. Dermatologically and opthalmalogically tested
  • Shades available – Rich Brown, White, Taupe , French Navy

Body Shop Eye Definer Shade Black Review

  • Body Shop Carbon Black Definer

  • What the product claims Best if you want to: Emphasize your eyes with a long-lasting, blendable eye liner that is soft yet firm enough to be smudge-resistant.
  • Best for: all skin tones
  • What it is designed to do:Natural waxes help to enable smooth, easy application while moisturizing and conditioning delicate eye skin.-
  • Price  Rs 575 for 1 gm

Body shop carbon black definer swatches

It has a smudger at it back side something similar to the  body shop line softener brush.


Body Shop Carbon Black definer Review

Swatches of Body shop eye definer shade – Black and Body shop carbon black definer


Body shop eye definer shade black swatches

(Lto R – Body shop eye definer shade black and body shop carbon black definer )

Carbon black definer is waxy and is a good option to be used when one is looking for smokey eye look where as eye definer shade is a usual eyeliner pencil.Both are quite intensive in colour.

Which one will you prefer?

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  1. Crayon kohl one. I know I can’t exepct too much from a kohl, but at least something on the better side. Eye definer toh I doubt if I can use it. I have small eyes and so I can’t wear smokey eyes na.

  2. mm you know i suggest that you go for a white pencil..if you have tried the trick..just put it in the inner corner and instantly brightens them up…

    i m not sure whether it smudges or not..though the other one will because of the waxy thing in it.

    • Yes I keep reading the white pencil tip everywhere. But I keep forgetting wehnever I go shopping πŸ™ Any suggestions for a good white pencil?

  3. Body shop does have white eyeliner..even may belline too..though white pencil hardly suits me so do try out on the counter itself.

    no point buying and then repelling:)


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