Body Shop Cocoa Butter creamy body wash review


What product claims Turn bath time into pure decadence with this dreamy creamy wash. Extra softening comes from rich sunflower oil together with Community Trade cocoa butter to moisturise.

Active Ingredients–  Cocoa Butter – Is an excellent moisturiser that melts at body temperature, leaving the skin feeling soft, silky smooth and supple. Helps to improve skin elasticity and helps prevent stretch marks.
Soya oil – Is very rich in essential fatty acids that help to repair the skin’s moisture barrier, thus helping to restore moisture, smoothness and suppleness.

Sunflower seed oil – Softens and moisturises skin. Is also rich in essential fatty acids.

Price Rs. 375.00

My experience with product

·   Body shop is one of my favorite places in terms of bath products. I am kind of a very lazy person, who wants the products which can possibly combine all the things which moisturizes, cleanses, pampers my skin at one go.

·  Here my point is of buying a good body wash through which I can skip my body lotion routine as and when required.

· While going through all the bath range in body shop I was really confused as what to pick as all them were very tempting with their own properties.

· Keeping in mind in my above requirement I chose this cocoa butter creamy body wash, even there was shea butter but I decided to go with this.

· As soon as I opened the bottle, I experienced its sweet cocoa fragrance and the texture of the body wash was thick and creamy as the product claims.

· Do not expect lather from it as it’s a soap free formulation so the required quantity is bit higher as compared to others ( if mentally you feel lather must be there).

· After applying this body wash it purely gave me the feeling of rich body butter and also satisfaction of the purity.

· While rubbing it gave a tempting feeling, I could not resist touching my own skin, my hand was like sliding easily.
· After washing it my skin was satin smooth with no mark of dryness at all and believe me guys I was in love with my skin. One more change I noticed that my skin was shining.

· The best part for me personally is at times I can skip my moisturizing routine, as this body wash provides me with its natural moisturizing properties. And I have tried it. The whole 24 hrs there was no sign of dryness at all even without applying body lotion.

· And yeah one more important reason of buying this body wash is my stretch marks and after using it just for 15 days I can notice a change in them, they are lightening. And it is also improving my skin elasticity & texture.

· Seriously guys this is one of the finest body wash I have came across at least in my budget and requirement.

Cons of the product

· Well, I cannot think of anything here that I am not happy with. So go guys it’s a worth trying product.

Rating 5/5


  1. Hey Harsha!!!this is decently priced but did you read my review on Olay body butter that too is great and nourishes my skin so much..Have you tried that one?

  2. yes, i saw slight improvement in my stretch marks within such less time…. bt yes u have to be patience and keep using it and combine it with their cocoa body butter to get best results……


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