Body Shop DeoDryâ„¢ Dry-Effect Deodorant Fresh & Floral Stick review


By Shreya, The Body Shop DeoDry Dry Effect Deodorant Review

Hello everyone,

Today I am sharing my thoughts on Body Shop Deo dry -effect deodorant which is a stick roll on deodorant.

Body Shop Deodryâ„¢ Dry-Effect Deodorant Roll On Fresh & Floral Review

  • Price Rs 545
  • How to use stick  deodorant Glide under arms after cleansing. Do not apply to broken skin
  • Available in three fragrance which are  Fresh and Floral, Cool and Zesty, Chilled and Breezy

  • Packaging -It is a roll on deodorant with sturdy packaging. One can easily pop it in  hand bags while traveling and nothing of this products go waste.

Body Shop Deodorant Roll On Fresh & Floral Review

I have been using this deodorant since a month and what I like about is that it is free from aluminum, it neither leaves horrible deodorant stains and doesn’t dry white my under arms .

Body shop  Fresh & Floral deodrant review

The fragrance of reminds me fresh floral breeze but I do find my underarms getting wet after using it for a while and getting dry after 10 minutes or so.

I think this deodorant is going to work better in colder months and  is definitely not the strongest antiperspirant (Antiperspirant helps in controlling perspiration )


What I do not like Body Shop Deo -Dry Effect Deodrant Fresh and floral Stick

  • Body shop products are pricey but what makes them still interesting is their effectiveness which I didn’t find in this deodorant
  • Fragrance doesn’t even stay for 2-3 hours in hot summer of Delhi

Will I re-purchase Body Shop Deo – No, I will stick to my Body Shop Love etc Eau De Pas Perfume rather than a deo .

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  1. very nice product anamika…………… it………….the price is too reasonable..i like floral fragnance very much…..i’ll try it 🙂 🙂

  2. nice product anamika……………like it………….and i like floral fragnances very much……………..i’ll try this 🙂 🙂


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