Body Shop Eyeshadow Blender Brush Review


Body Shop Eye shadow blending brush

I learnt blending with Body Shop eye shadow blender brush.I have used this brush for a year now and have washed it some fifty times still its bristles are smooth and works nicely while  blending any eyeshadow.

What Eyeshadow Blender brush claims :-

The secret to getting a great eye look? Blend, blend, blend. This tool lets you effortlessly contour and blend colours like a pro.
  • Price Rs 495

Body shop Eye shadow blender brush

I was first hesitant in using it as it is a synthetic brush which most of the time are rough on the eyelids however this is soft and blending is easy with it.It has a flat shape where as most blending brush have round shape .Those who have small eyelids with no crease can benefit the most from this blending brush.


Body shop eye shadow blender brush +applying eyeshadow

It has a long handle which is bulky  from the end and gives a good grip.

This is tip which Body shop gives while using the eyeshadow blending brush

Find the natural crease of your eye when it is open and then follow the line when your eye is closed. To protect your Brush, cleanse it regularly using The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil & Mint Daily Foaming Facial Wash.

Blend one or more shades of Eye Colour over the eyelid, along the crease line or below the brow line, using long, sweeping strokes and repeat until you achieve the look you desire.

eyeshadow brush+blending brushes

I use it as a highlighter on my brow bone  and one needs just few strokes  in the crease to  give a nice wash of eyeshadow colour.

Before this I was using local blending brushes and they were completely a waste.I since then started investing in good brushes as they make the blending work so easy and body shop blending brush is one of them 🙂

Wise She Rating –3.5/5

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  1. hi ana… this is the brush u were talking about…..this brush is dupe for which mac brush…..?
    btw nice review….and money saver too…. 😀
    and ye yahan mera comment firsts aa gaya,….pehli baarrr…. 😀 😀

    • yes it is kind of a must have when it comes to eye shadow blending.i for few more brushes later on including 217 so it took a back seat but still it will closer to my heart:)


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