Body Shop Gently Purify Clarifying Clay Mask Review


By Priti ,

During my Body Shop Post Christmas Sale visit , I purchased Gently Purify Clarifying Clay Mask (which comes from Body Shop’s Wellbeing range) as it was again in smaller package instead of 200ml it was 50ml so I thought it was good to try the product in smaller quantity.    I like using clay masks on my face especially in summers and I have even heard about women using body clay mask so to know how clay masks works I thought of trying it out.


Body Shop Gently Purify Clarifying Clay Mask

  • Product ~ Body Shop Gently Purify Clarifying Clay Mask
  • For Skin Type ~ All
  • Price ~ SGD 32.90 200ml appr. INR 1100 [**I purchased 50ml for $6.90 during post Christmas Sale]
  • Product Claim ~ A creamy, deep cleansing mask for the body containing wasabi, Dead Sea mud and clay and algae to purify the skin, as well as stimulating rosemary, invigorating lemon and pine, and refreshing eucalyptus and orange.
  • How to use ~ Smooth over the body, mask warms on application to wet skin, then rinse after 15 minutes.  To maximise results place a plastic body wrap over the treated area after application.

My Experience ~

This products comes in tube with flip top, it’s just little thin than any regular mask which makes it easy to apply and in light grey colour.  Did I  tell you guys it’s a body mask and not only for face?  Ya that’s right though I didn’t use much for body as it’s only travel pack for 50ml I think if I apply all over body it will be finished after few applications 😀 …so I limit myself with face, neck and sometime hands.  (Do you see the mask in the picture, that’s amount is enough for me to apply a thin layer on face). ..this mask easily spread on wet skin rather than dry skin, so better use only you damp you body/face with water.

Body Shop Gently Purify Clarifying Clay Mask review

Key Ingredients used in this clay mask are:

  • To revive the senses: A blend of essential oils including: Rosemary, Lemon and pine, Eucalyptus and Orange – To stimulate, invigorate and refresh the senses
  • Wasabi extract – Has natural anti-oxidant properties
  • Dead Sea Mud – Rich in sea salt and minerals to help draw out impurities

Rosemary, pine, orange etc adds wonderful smell to this mask which is good and wasabi extract which is used for anti-oxidant does the work to perfection.  Just incase you don’t know what’s Wasabi is then it’s used mostly in Sushi.  It has an extremely strong flavor, its hotness is more akin to that of a hot mustard rather than the capsaicin in a chili pepper, producing vapors that stimulate the nasal passages more than the tongue.   If you happen to eat any of wasabi flavour crackers or snack, then it’s like you are eating loads of mustard ..most of the people can’t eat wasabi or can be eaten very less.

Well why am saying this is cause in the mask too wasabi does the same thing, once applied on skin you will feel heating sensation immediately and as long as your skin is wet you will have the heat sensation and after a while it’s gets HOT.  My skin keep perspirating non stop for initial 7-10 minutes.

If you can keep it for 15 minutes well and go if not after 10 minutes also you can wash off the mask, for me I always apply thin layer of mask so I can keep it for 15 minutes but then I apply really thin layer.

After wash, skin feels smooth, looks clear and bright.  And overall gives a wonderful feeling.  Actually if you use for body along with plastic wrap it then you get maximum effect and Spa feeling, as in Spa’s they do the same thing and cost you a bomb for that.

Also if using this mask for body then you might need Gently Purify Refreshing Body Gel because this will cool down the heat caused by the clay mask,  I shall do refreshing body gel review soon.

Cons ~ Hot, heating sensation every one may not be able to handle it.
The application part is tricky, to apply all over body and then to stand in bathroom for 15 minutes is little difficult and it gives burning/heating sensation, we sure have to move under fan or air conditioner  which might be messy and uncomfortable.

body shop purifying mask review

If you are looking for body mask then sure you can try this and feel rejuvenated.  It’s all together a different feeling and experience.

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  1. @Maha ….if only 🙂 But check out their sale as they have products in smaller quantity …same as I did, this only in 50ml 🙂

    @Sonam, yes they do have body butters in small tubs normally 50ml, not sure if you get on their shelf but check out during sale.

  2. well, I’m speechless about the putting it on and standing in the bathroom. … I’ll be bored to death. 🙁 But the self-heating part is interesting I mean its so different. :-/ :-/ :-/

  3. I really wish you gals get these small quantity TBS products in India too so you gals can enjoy these things …

    @Nivedita ..I totally agree with you ….tht’s why I do with face, neck mostly …and the heating part is very just so gud ….


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