Body Shop Gently Purify Refreshing Body Gel Review


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During my Body Shop Post Christmas Sale visit last year , I purchased Gently Purify range (which comes from Body Shop’s Wellbeing range) as it was again in smaller package instead of 200ml it was 50ml so I thought it was good to try the product in smaller quantity. I have done bath soak and clay mask reviews before and this body gel review was pending so long now. Now I thought it’s time to do it.


Body Shop Gently Purify Refreshing Body Gel reviews

  • Product ~ Body Shop Gently Purify Refreshing Body Gel
  • For Skin Type ~ All
  • Price ~ SGD 29.90 200ml appr. INR 1100
  • Product Claim ~ A refreshing, cooling all over body moisturiser with stimulating and invigorating ingredients to revitalise both the body and mind. Ideal for those looking to support a healthy lifestyle, by helping them to eliminate impurities from the skin more efficiently, so that they feel more purified, rebalanced and revived.
  • How to use body gel  ~ Massage into the body after showering paying particular attention to tired legs


My Experience with Body Shop Gently Purify Refreshing Body Gel

 I ignore this body gel for a very long time and was more focusing on the mask and soak .  One day after using clay mask and bath soak I thought of completing the circle and used this body gel I immediately know why it’s comes along with the clay mask.

Body Shop Gently Purify Refreshing Body Gel+Body shop gel purifying range


Ingredients used are

  • To revive the senses: A blend of essential oils including: Rosemary, Lemon and pine, Eucalyptus and Orange – To stimulate, invigorate and refresh the senses
  • Wasabi extract – Has natural anti-oxidant properties
  • Community Trade bladderwrack seaweed from Roaring Water Bay Co-operative in Ireland – Seasweed is a skin balancing ingredient renowned for its high source of nutrients and vitamins that effectively balance the skin tone and purify and clarify the comolexion. Provides much needed employment, protects the environment and invests profits back


So, do you see what’s makes this body gel so effect and wonderful.  It has this wonderful mix of ingredients that’s makes this perfect body gel after using the gently purify clay mask, as the mask generate heat and gives hot feeling, the bath soak and this body gel does the cooling effect to body.



Body Shop Gently Purify Refreshing Body Gel+body shop reviews


Once you apply you can feel a nice cool effect.  This body gel comes in gently purify range of dark maroon colour tube with a flip top and the product itself is in light cream colour. Cream is little runny and it’s spread so easy and fast.  It does not has any greasy and oil feel towards the end and only provide nice cooling effect to body.

The fragrance is sweet which includes all the oils as you can see in the ingredients, so it’s mild and pleasant smell and surprisingly stay for long too around 6-7 hours.

This body gel is very good to use during summer and as it has this cooling effect and not to forget all the anti-oxidant we are getting from wasabi.

We had body shop sell last month and they were selling this body gel 200ml pack with 6th  months expiry on a throw away price I asked my friend to buy it and she was hesitant, I told you her try the trial pack and then decided.  In the end she took 4 tubes of it 🙂 ..It’s really that good.

First I thought from gently purify range the clay mask is very good and enough but now I have change my opinion and would say this body gel is fab too.  If you can get the small 60ml pack and go ahead buy it and try.

  •  Cons ~ I find none.
  • Re-purchase?  I have already done that.


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    And thanks for your kind words …you gals r so funny 🙂 I don’t think TBS will ever do that 😉 But This gel is really good ….ask for sample in tbs n try 😀

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