Body Shop Gently Purify Rejuvenating Bath Soak Review


By Priti,

Body shop’s ”Gently Purify” range,

designed to cleanse and purify the skin along with other for their ‘Wellbeing’ range. And frankly wellbeing products are to rejuvenate, I have done the review of Body Shop Gently Purify Clarifying Clay Mask so next comes is Bath Soak.

Body Shop Gently Purify Rejuvenating Bath Soak review

*image from TBS site


  • Product ~ Body Shop Gently Purify Rejuvenating Bath Soak
  • For Skin Type ~ AllPrice ~ SGD 24.90 200ml (In TBS India site this Bath Soak is not available but other Gently Purify range is there)
  • Product Claim ~ A sensational soak with wasabi and Community Trade bladderwrack seaweed, as well as Laminaria seaweed. It also contains rosemary for its stimulating properties, lemon and pine to invigorate and eucalyptus and orange to refresh.
  • How to use ~ Swirl under running water, sink in and soak.  [ I shall explain below in simple terms 🙂 ]


Body Shop Gently Purify Rejuvenating Bath Soak


My Experience with Body Shop Gently Purify Rejuvenating Bath Soak

I can’t help but again go ga-ga over Body Shop  Gently Purify Clarifying Clay Mask as I tried the mask again today along with the bath soak.   The mask is so good though it’s heating but it’s wonderful, now it’s available in Indian TBS site guys ask for  sample and try.

Coming back to the bath soak, it’s use after clay mask to reduce the heat sensation and cool down the body.

Main ingredients used are :

  • To revive the senses: A blend of essential oils including: Rosemary, Lemon and pine, Eucalyptus and Orange – To stimulate, invigorate and refresh the senses
  • Wasabi extract – Has natural anti-oxidant properties
  • Laminaria seaweed and Community Trade bladderwrack seaweed – A skin balancing ingredient renowned for its high source of nutrients and vitamins.  Helps clarify the complextion.  Bladderwrack seaweed provides much needed employment, protects and environment and invests profits back into the local community.


This bath soak comes in bottle with dark maroon shade n product details along with a flip-top.  Texture is very runny and it’s a liquid as you can see in the picture.


Body Shop Gently Purify Rejuvenating Bath Soak review

How to use Body Shop Bath Soak


Very simple, it’s like a body shower add in your bath tab and gets soaked.  Well don’t have a bath tub never mind, add few drops in a bucket full of water and enjoy this bath soak.

Frankly I don’t use in my bath tub too, too much of pre and post cleaning in the bath tub 🙁

To show you guys here I did it in a small tub.  As you can see the texture changes once in water and it create little form which is negligible.  Water it’s perfumed with the bath soak scent and it’s smell wonderful, after apply the clay mask it really does cool down the skin and makes me feel refresh and relax.

Body Shop Gently Purify Rejuvenating Bath Soak


This bath soak confuse me a bit the problem is we required large amount of bath soak in water ( I almost use 20ml each time)  so it’s gets finish fast and for this price it’s little disappointing.

What  I do not like about aboutBody Shop Gently Purify Rejuvenating Bath Soak

Need to use in larger quantity

I like this Gently Purify range it’s just different 🙂


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  1. priti…..i actually didnt get what this product is actually meant for….?is it saok….?or is it shower gel types…..?or eau d cologne types that u add to ur bath water to make it fragrant…..


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