Body Shop Introduces Moisture New White â„¢ Shiso Skin Care Regime


The Body Shop Launches Dia as the Face of The Body Shop  Moisture White Shiso Range

Global original, natural and ethical beauty brand The Body Shop today announces Dia Mirza as the celebrity ambassador for India to represent The Body Shop range of  naturally inspired and ethically produced beauty and cosmetics products, which are not tested on animals. All The Body Shop   products are 100% vegetarian and with 75% containing fairly traded natural ingredients or accessories from Community Fair Trade suppliers.

Follow Dia’s Moisture Whiteâ„¢ Shiso regime daily to achieve fairer complexion in 4 weeks

MOISTURE WHITEâ„¢ SHISO SKIN CARE REGIME – Enhance your skin confidence with the Moisture Whiteâ„¢ Shiso collection, using the products together for a daily whitening and moisturising regime.


Body shop new IMPROVED Moisture White Whitening skin care with Japanese shiso

Moisture Whiteâ„¢ Shiso Cleansing Powder (Rs. 1195)


  1. Right 😀

    I find her just so b’ful n even Madhuri Dixit n Meenakumari.. natural beauties :beauty:

    U know..she’s d actress whose pics i’ve edited d most.. just louuu her face 😀

  2. I paint brush her eyes, her lips , add piercings to her brow area , sometimes sharpen her nose or flatten her nose n once, i changed her to dark complexion.. still she looked b’ful :beauty:

  3. Yeah.. board has been very kind in showering big gaps 2 us :cute:

    Apart from accessories, I got Ayur face wash , BoroPlus suncreen, Nike Deo , Forest Essentials facewash n tonic mist , ETUDE Pearl Powder , Lux n Fiama Shower gels..

    n u know.. Lux shower gel’s fragrance is just so so yummy :eat: .. dat i’ve 2 remind myself dat it’s a shower gel n not any eatable 😛

    • good question..but this is the question i want to ask all celebrity..

      does kareena kapoor uses boroline?? Dia still give this a chance but how about KK??

  4. Lol…KK using boroline..imagine “Ramu mein shoot par jaa rahi hoon..yeh lijiye madam aapka Dermalogica Sunscreen…nahi Ramu get me my boroline Glow lotion”… :rotfl:

      • yaar i know.. m indian too! but come on…!! this is just too much! koi bhi product launch hO! usme ye skin lightening product likh dete hai!! body shop ke awesome products hai!! then why do they need this kinda marketing… as if any of this skin lightening product gonna work!! as if any product did in past!

        • yes this true there will soon be a skin whitening mascara and skin whitening eyeshadow too :D:D
          but i trust body shop more than other wont say anything until i use them:|

      • lots of maskers yaar… but u know they r very expensive.. i tried one..
        the sacred truth!!! its really nice… but yeah find one that suits ur skin type! 😉
        and really yaar.. i dont understand y other pplz need to taang adaing in every matter…!! HUH! as if koi derma ho! fairness cream lagao bla bla!! why do they care 😐


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