Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Puree Body Lotion Review


By Priti,

The body shop body lotion –Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Puree Body Lotion Review

This lotion purchase was done during Body Shop  Warehouse Sale in Singapore too, actually I didn’t pick Japanese Cherry Blossom range any product and happily passed it.  But then during my second  visit my friend happened to collect so many of puree body shop body lotions and body shop shower then I just picked one from her bag to try and now my only regret is why didn’t I get more of it,:( yes seriously guys this lotion smells SOOOOOOO GOODDD that I am crazy about it :dance::dance:


cherry blossom body lotion

Excuse the bad pic:(

  • Product – Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Puree Body Lotion
  • For Skin Type – Normal
  • Price – SGD  $6.30 for 60ml  OR SGD 22.90/ INR 795 for 250ml
  • Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Shop Product Claim A lightweight moisturiser that softens, smoothes and hydrates the skin. Leaves skin delicately scented with the decadent Japanese Cherry Blossom fragrance.
  • How to use japanese cherry blossom body lotion -  Simply pump into the hand and smooth over the skin


the body shop cherry blossom Review

My Experience with body shop lotion(Cherry Blossom)


Main ingredients used in this lotion are Japanese cherry blossom extract – Traditionally renowned for its soothing properties. Community Trade organic olive oil – Effectively smoothes, softens and conditions the skin.

The thing to note here is it’s Puree Body Lotion and recommended for normal skin.  This lotion comes in clear plastic bottle with pump for 250ml bottle and with a flip top for 60ml bottle with product details in pink background, the product looks pretty actually to me.

The lotion itself is little runny and puree kinda texture and baby pink in colour.  Blends so well with skin and fast.  The BEST thing is the smell, it’s so good that when you open the bottle itself you will transform to other world.  It’s simply awesome, even one can give a miss to perfume, do you get the picture now?: :sweat:

Also the lotion has cooling effect making it fresh and relaxing, with it’s cooling effect and wonderful scent it’s just too good for summer.

The downside of this lotion is it doesn’t moisturise well, so do not expect too many things.  But then it recommended for normal skin so I guess for normal skin it should be okie.  If you want to use this lotion during winter then it might not the right one.  But then why to talk about winter now when we have this hot summer and it’s heat to handle.  Did I told you guys it doesn’t stay for long on skin :(.

body shop japanese cherry blossom puree body lotion Review

What I liked about Body Shop Japenese Cherry Blosson Pure Body Lotion

  • In small bottle, perfect for traveling or just trying out different fragrances!
  • Amazing smell
  • Wonderful cooling effect
  • Great lightweight body lotion.

What I do not like about Body Shop Japense Cherry Blosson Pure Body Lotion

  • Doesn’t moisturise well
  • Doesn’t stay long on skin.
  • Expensive for 250ml bottle

If I would buy this again then sure ya and ofcourse  on sale as I personally think it’s very good but then little on the higher side for the 250ml bottle.

If you can find the small 60ml bottle then do try it atleast for it’s wonderful smell 🙂

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    • @Mehek,well it lasted for me atleast(7 hours or so…)
      Can you describe the consistency? coz last time when i got it from abroad
      the body wash was really thick in form, and the fragrance lasted really long. But i heard the same complaint( from my friend who bought from the Indian store.

  1. hey anamika
    i was looking forward to buying the japanese cherry body lotion as well as the same body mist..have you tried the body mist?? can you tell me how long does the fragrance of the lotion last? it is strong? will i need to wear the body mist along or is the scent strong enough?

  2. Hey Sam! I am presently using the mist. the smell is very gud..but sadly the fragrance does’nt last longer! Before using this I was using the aqua lily body mist. It was really good and the fragrance lasted for the whole day!


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