Body Shop lipstick -Body shop Colour glide Lip colour (Product review, swatches and pictures)

I got this Body Shop Colour Glide Lip colour some five or six months back.It is one of my favorite lipstick when ever I am trying smokey eye make up look.
What the product claims – Moisturizing lip colour that feels velvety smooth. With light-diffusers for younger-looking lips.
Price of Body Shop Colour glide lip colour – Rs 575
 As per body shop there are 18 colour in this lipstick but I have the 19th one My shade number is 63 which was no where mentioned on the website.Mine is a peach colour lipstick.
Below are  Body shop lipstick shades
Colourglide Lip Colour 06 Clover Pink
Colourglide Lip Colour 11 Plum
Colourglide Lip Colour 12 Damson
Colourglide Lip Colour 14 Pink Ginger
Colourglide Lip Colour 22 Garnet
Colourglide Lip Colour 30 Beechnut
Colourglide Lip Colour 45 Brown Sugar
Colourglide Lip Colour 48 Soft Peony
Colourglide Lip Colour 49 Berry Shimmer
Colourglide Lip Colour 50 Golden Apricot
Colourglide LIp Colour 51 Mocha
Colourglide Lip Colour 53 Brilliant Red
Lip Colour 54 Pastel Rose
Lip Colour 55 Pure Blush
Lip Colour 56 Soft Beige
Lip Colour 61 Rouge Gold
Colourglide Lip Colour 68 Starlit Copper
Colourglide Lip Colour 71 Dawn Fizz
    You can see how much I am using it.. completely love applying it
    Body Shop colour glide lip colour Swatches
    What I like about it
1. Lip colour is quiet sheer but when you put it on it can be built up to a really bright colour. 
2. Lipstick is quiet moisturizing and I do not need any lip balm before applying it.I doesn’t make my lips dry at all
3. Like the company claims it is  really smooth  and light weight.You will have to use it know how smooth it is.It makes my lips feel really soft.If you are fond of pink lipstick then try this range of Body shop it looks quiet smooth .
4 . I got the lipstick in summers and it didn’t melt at all.
Dislike- The biggest dislike for me is that Lipstick is not long lasting.May be because it is too smooth  I have to re apply it again and again whenever I go out.I hope Body shop improve this product as it certainly one of my best find in lipstick.
2. Of course Body shop products are at a higher end but still I find it expensive.
3.It comes in a silver packaging and I have to be careful with it because it gets dirty very easily
                               Me wearing it – You can see how smooth and moisturizing it is.
Worth a buy – Yes, For me it is.
Rating – 3.5/5
Packaging – 2/5
Price – 3/5
Will I re purchase – I am not sure …I think I will try Body shop sheer lip shine next time.
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  1. Hehehee…you got the 19th one??? My sis has these lipsticks, and I tried those…love them 😀 have such clear skin 🙂

  2. For that I use all types of herbal remedies :D..back to my ranting again 😛
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  3. Hehehee…you got the 19th one??? My sis has these lipsticks, and I tried those…love them 😀 have such clear skin 🙂

  4. just few things.. i didnt had time to chek everything.. mera bas chalta to poori shop le leti lolzz..
    but i will buy the cacao butter things for sure…

  5. some times they r…for example eye shadows..but it is always better to buy their products in discount.
    My recent post Make up tips-Concealer application

  6. hi anamika looking very pretty,i wish i have such a good glowing skin like you,please share your diet and beauty regime that youfollow daily.


    • Thanks is all there on the website.. i try to eat healthy fruit and with lots of water ofcourse:)
      u can check out some herbal face packs as well 🙂


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