Body Shop Lipstick & Concealer Brush Review


Body Shop Lipstick & Concealer Brush Review

Few of the Body Shop brushes are decently priced and stays for long .Last time I reviewed Body Shop Line softener brush and various ways one can use it today I thought of covering Body Shop Lipstick & Concealer brush which I have been using since an year.

Body Shop Lipstick/Concealer Brush Review

What Body Shop product claims :-A fine tapered brush for Precise application of lipcolor or concealers.

Price Rs 345

Concealer brush+lip brush+concealer brushes

Why I like   Body Shop Brushes –

Body Shop brushes have better bristles quality than that of QVS or Vega .With constant washing of QVS or Vega brushes  bristles quality keeps reducing down so ultimately one has to change it after some time.Body shop brushes bristles quality is indeed much better than these and they come in medium range.I wont recommend their other brushes which cost above Rs 500 because by adding little more money one can easily buy Sigma brushes which are way better than these.

Body Shop Lips/Concealer Brush has soft bristles and is firm in application

Body Shop Lip Brush Review


How I used Body Shop Lipstick & Concealer Brush


  • I prefer a little bigger brush for concealing than this one but that depends upon individual choice.If used for concealing it does takes more time albeit it  works nicely for spot  or blemish concealing.
  • I use it when ever I am wearing dark shades and fear of bleeding of the lipstick is there.It is a must have brush when I wear red lipstick and it works equally well for lining lips.
  • I some time use it for brow filling
  • I have used it as an eyeshadow brush also or taking out cream blushes and apply in dots.
  • I use it for applyling lip glosses as well especially the transparent lip glosses because when I use their applicator it changes the colour of the lipgloss when it goes back into the tube.More so when one is using a lip gloss with a brush I have noticed that  it saves lot of product.
  • With this if you use a lipstick brush then you save on lot of money in applying lipstick because when I use lipstick  directly I apply a thicker layer


Body Shop Lip & Concealer brush review


Worth A buy – Yes,  I like it more as a lipstick brush and would recommend it if you are fond of precise application of lipstick and like using dark shades where chances of bleeding of lipstick is high.It is an easy to clean brush and will lasts for long long time .Also, if you like small and easy brushes to work with then too  it is a decent buy and for concealing  I think it is way too small for the purpose

Wise She Rating

Bristles – 4/5

Brush Handle -4/5

Price -5/5

For concealer application – 2/5

For Lipstick application -4/5


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  1. Hehe..2-2 TBS reviews…They r on a roll!!

    Nice review A..There so many things i want form tbs now…but no sale..wonder y that happens..when there is sale, i never seem to need anythin..

          • Yes..But i think u shud go and try it..U luk pretty and wud b able to convince them..If i go in front of them they wud jack up the prices further..soch lo 😉 😉

            • i know i know u will butter me up and let me go all alone …when is my :knife: u will have to come with me..don u want to travel on my broom :harry potter:

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      • waise to i like light shades of lipcolor…but how does brush saves lipsticks 😕 😕 i tho 😕 ught lipstick waste ho jayega as it will remain on brush and get wasted :-/ :-/

        • because when we apply lipstick directly there is thick coat which gets used but with brush one use less.try with a normal brush u will get an idea 🙂


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