Body Shop Love Etc…â„¢ Eau De Perfume Review


By Shreya, Body Shop Love etc Perfume review

I find it difficult to review perfumes as fragrance of any perfume is more or less a personal choice.I will try my best to give you the right fragrance of this perfume.:P

Body Shop Love Etc Perfume Review

What the Body Shop Product Perfume Claims :-


A highly addictive, warm and radiant fragrance which embodies the exuberance and personality of our brand.

  • Fragrance personality: A sensuous blend of Egyptian jasmine with warm, radiant notes of vanilla and sandalwood.
  • Family: floriental
  • Notes:Top notes: pear, neroli, bergamot
  • Middle notes: jasmine, heliotrope, lily of the valley
  • Base notes: vanilla, sandalwood, musk cream


Price Rs  -1195 for 30ml , Rs.  1495 for 50ml



The Body Shop the love etc perfume review

My thoughts about the perfume


  • Fragrance – I like the fragrance of this perfume it is easy to wear and I like to use it in day and night especially in summers.It has this sweet and smell strong fragrance which is kind of spicy .Fragrance is addictive and comforting which lasts for 3-4 hours .
  • Packaging – I like the sophisticated packaging  which is simple and not gaudy .


The Body Shop LOVE ETC...â„¢ Eau de Parfum Review

  • Will I re-purchase it again –Yes and I am dying to try  Body Shop Love etc body lotion also 🙂

I don’t know what to write more about it if you have a particular question you can ask me :cute:

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  1. Hey Shreya

    Nice review n glad 2 know dat it stays for 3-4 hours inspite of u sweating heavily which is d same case wid me.

    i recently got LACOSTE n it sucks! :-((

    ‘ll try dis one 🙂


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