Body Shop Love etc Body Lotion Review


By Priti,   Body Lotion – Body Shop Love Etc Boy Lotion

Love Etc Body Shop -  During my Body Shop Sale visit I got this cute Love Etc body lotion 60ml pack for trial and I thought what better time to review this product other than the love month 😀 right guys ? 😀

The Body Shop Love Etc Body Lotion review
Body Shop Love Etc Body Lotion

Product ~ Body Shop Love Etc Body Lotion For Skin Type ~

Price of Body Shop Love Etc Body Lotion is  ~ SGD 22.90 for 200ml ** Can’t find the product in TBS Indian website!

Product Claim ~ A lightweight moisturiser that softens the skin and leaves it delicately scented with the warm and radiant LOVE ETC…™, the first ever emotional-led fragrance at The Body Shop.

My Experience ~ First thing first, isn’t the bottle is super cute :)….I love that colourful heart shape all over the cover and the Love Etc ….TM written in pink/purplish colour…so girly:-).

Key ingredients used is Babassu Oil – A  light and versatile oil that helps your skin feel extra soft and prevent dryness, is an extremely effective, non-greasy moisturiser that helps to restore the skin’s moisture barrier.

How to Use ~ Apply a liberal amount to the hands and massage into the body using long circular strokes with the palm, preferably after shower. The normal 200ml bottle comes with pump so it’s easy to use and mess free and minimal wastage. Here is how the 200ml bottle looks [Pic courtesy TBS]

Body Shop love etc lotion

Love Etc is a light moisturizer with creamy texture which easily absorbed into skin. It has captivating fragrance with sweet and light smell something like vanilla and creamy. For a change Love Etc fragrance really stay on for long time though it’s subtle and doesn’t feel greasy too. My skin feels nourished, smooth and instantly softer and hydrated. It’s very gud for dry skin, since my legs and hands have become dry now a days it does wonder on them and nourishes well. It gives over all good feeling

Cons ~ None. I will sure recommend this body moisturiser to all as it’s creamy, gorgeous and with a lovely fragrance with a not to bad price too.Be it body shop body butter or the body shop lotion they all are my favorite and I love to try them every now and then.

Have you tried and Body shop body lotion? Which body lotion is your favourite?

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      • well i have used their body wash, lotion and mist they are amazing(but its just my opinion) they came in a cute basket and its a gift, so i cant say about their prices. But you can check them in the body shop’s website

  1. i wish i could would have received body shop gifts too :D:D
    i will check them out inthe store itself raz

    thanks a lot

    where u from by the way? it is too late here.

  2. hai anamika …;)… i have a doubt. my mom says that if u apply honey to our hair then they start turning white . is there any truth to this ? can i apply honey to my hair ?

    thank u …;D

  3. dear khaddu..i too have heard the same but i still have been using it ..and my hair are black only..still mom says it then she must be right..:)
    moms are rarely worng..isn’t:)

    you can use other hair conditioning recipes other than honey:)

  4. yes i think i should jus stick 2 other recipes for conditioning …! my mom doesn let me use honey for hair …so till am here tryin 2 cross the line with her … 😀 !

  5. use egg and vitamin e capsules,,,they will condition yur hair beautifully )
    rest recipes u can check out in hair care section 🙂

    momies are always doubt 🙂


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