Body Shop Moroccan Rose Body Butter Review


By Priti,

Body Shop Body Butter – Moroccan Rose Body Butter Review

I tried this Body Shop  body butter only after I saw my friends and sister using it, seriously how can so many people go wrong. More over the packaging is very cute with the flowers 🙂

Body Shop Moroccan Rose Body Butter

  • Product ~ Body Shop Moroccan Rose Body Butter
  • For Skin Type ~ Normal to Dry Skin
  • Price ~ SGD 32.90 or INR 875 for 200ml
  • Product Claim ~ Soften your skin all over with a beautiful 24-hour moisturizer infused with precious oil from hand-picked roses.


Packed with skin softening and moisturising ingredients, this Body Butter includes rose oil and Moroccan rose extracts. The goodness of Community Trade shea butter from Ghana, organic babassu oil from Brazil and organically-grown soya oil from Brazil, help ensure this Body Butter melts upon contact with your skin, to absorb easily and provide moisturisation. With its wonderful fragrance, this Body Butter helps skin feel soft, smooth and supple while you enjoy the benefits of its delectable fragrance.

  • How to use body butter ~ Massage into the skin for up to 24 hours of rich moisturisation

The Body Shop - Moroccan Rose Body Butter customer reviews

My Experience with Body Shop Moroccan Rose Body Butter

First thing first the 50ml tub is not from Sale :)….Body Shop does has 50ml tub here, so you might check if it has same in India too.  I don’t remember the 50ml price though 🙁

The container is again typical TBS plastic tub pink in colour with the cap having product name details and cute rose design.  The body butter itself in baby pink colour and the texture is very smooth, silky and buttery! It’s softer than any other body shop’s body butter but not exactly like lotion too, it’s in-between body butter , it won’t run or drop and lotion as you can see in the picture.

TBS Claims:

●     Moroccan rose extracts moisturize and sooth skin with a fresh, floral scent.

●     Community Trade shea butter leaves skin soft, smooth and supple.

●     Community Trade babassu oil helps repair skin’s moisture barrier while restoring suppleness.

●     A beautiful skin-softening all-over body moisturiser with the fresh and feminine Moroccan Rose fragrance. Absorbs easily into the skin to provide intense moisturisation.


Once again like most of the TBS body butter fragrance of this is nice ans sweet .It has this rose scent which is mentioned in its ingredients.Rose moroccan  extract fragrance stays long and makes me smelling great through the day .

Main ingredients used are ~

●     Moroccan rose extracts – Traditionally renowed for their soothing and moisturising benefits.

●     Community Trade shea butter – Leaves skin soft, smooth and supple.

●     Community Trade organic babassu oil – Helps prevent moisture loss and dryness and restores suppleness.


This body butter takes a while to absorb on skin and one might feel greasy but after massaging on skin it’s gets absorbed nicely.   It makes my skin smooth and soft and if you have dry skin then you can definitely see the difference if used regularly.  I mainly use these on my legs and hands as it’s moisturise really  well.


The Body Shop  Moroccan Rose Body Butter Review

Though TBS claims it gives 24hours moisturisation which is not the case but that said it’s really stays for long if applied on night then next morning once can still feel the skin soft and moist.

What I do not like about Body Shop Butter Moroccan Rose Body Butter

  • Expensive
  • If you don’t like rose smell then you may not like this body butter.

Overall I would say it’s a good body butter specially for dry skin.  I would  re-purchase this one.  You can also try other Moroccan range product their mist is good too and recently they have launched this range in India 🙂

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