Body Shop Nutriganics Foaming Facial Wash Review


By Priti,

Body Shop Nutriganics Foaming Facial Wash Review

As TBS launched Nutriganics range I wanted to give a try, I know my hands are so itchy so I got it though so far my experience with foaming facial cleanser has not been very good, but then I thought of giving it a try not to mention as its BODY SHOP :::D:D

The Nutriganics line contains a percentage of organic ingredients. The value varies with each product.

Body Shop Nutriganics Foaming Facial Wash Review

Product Facial Cleanser ~ Body Shop Nutriganics Foaming Facial Wash

For Skin Type ~ Normal

Price of Body Shop Nutrganics Foaming Facial Cleanser ~ SGD 24.90 and INR 895 for 150ml

What The Body Shop product claims ~ Daily cleansing is the first step to beautifully soft and smooth skin, removing impurities and preparing the skin for daily moisturizer.

A gentle cleanser that effectively removes impurities and traces of make-up, this instantly foaming wash leaves skin feeling refreshed, soft and smooth.

How to use a cleanser ~

Gently wash away makeup and impurities with an instantly foaming facial cleanser that softens skin while leaving it looking healthy and revitalized and feeling clean and refreshed.

Gently massage the face with the foam using circular upward motions. Rinse with warm water. Use morning and evening

My Experience with Body Shop Nutrganics Foaming Facial Wash

Main ingredients used are:

●     Community Trade organic babassu oil from Brazil helps smoothes and revitalizes skin.

●    Certified Organic -  Organic mallow flower from Switzerland and Community Trade organic sugar from Paraguay moisturize and soften skin.

●     Essential oils and natural fragrances combine to create a gentle fragrance.

Babassu – is a versatile, light, moisturising oil, beneficial for both dry and oily complexions. It forms a protective, soothing coat when applied and provides a pleasant, velvety feeling on the skin. Trade with The Body Shop has provided a ready source of income for women involved in harvesting the wild-growing babassu nuts, empowering them and bringing benefits to an entire community

This cleanser comes in a creamy grey-white canister with information printed in grey and green.  There’s a semi-opaque cap that pops off easily to reveal a while pump dispenser.

The cleanser itself is a light, white, foamy substance.  It has a pleasant scent & most of the Nutriganics products seem to have this scent, so if you like one, you may like them all.

This feels great going on my face and neck, and I like to gently massage it into my skin and it takes a few rinses before all the foam is off.  I’m always surprised that that my skin doesn’t feel dry after using this product.


Nutriganicsâ„¢ Foaming Facial Wash Review


This is a very foamy cleanser, it is actually a liquid and comes out of the pump as foam. I only need one pumps to create enough foam for my whole face. The foam felt very thick and creamy, the amount of form you see on the picture is enough for me to wash my face.

After washing I get this nice, refresh feeling but since mine is oily skin I start feeling oily again after a while.  Perhaps it will suit combination skin better.

Overall I found this facial form average  and will recommend to those who have normal skin types.

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  1. This seems really nice Priti! M very curious about the foam dispensing directly from the pump….Kinda saves us the effort na? 😉

  2. Heelo Priti,
    sorry i was away so couldn’t interact much..I am using cleanser nowadays that too twice a day..I can tell you how good it is :D:D

  3. Foaming cleanser…i like Himalaya Neem foaming cleanser ..its cheap and works just as good as any high end ones…but i know people have had not so good experiences with it…


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