Body Shop Pomegranate Shower Gel Review


By Priti ,

Shower Gel Review – Body Shop Pomegranate Shower Gel Review

I got this bottle along with Body Shop Wild Chery Shower Gel and no it was not a sale purchase 😀 For the first time I purchased pomegranate shower gel since it was very attractive and limited addition …pomegranate my heart goes ummm…umm ..umm 😉

Body Shop Pomegranate Shower Gel Review

**Inbtw I love this pic …:)

  • Product ~ Body Shop Pomegranate Shower Gel
  • For Skin Type ~
  • Price  of Body Shop Pomegranate shower gel ~ SGD 12.90 and INR 325 for 250mlProduct Claim ~ Enjoy the rich lather of a soap-free, cleansing gel that leaves your skin feeling clean, soft, supple and scented with the sweet and fruity scent of fresh peaches.

  • How to use ~ Use in the shower to create a moisturizing lather. Rinse off thoroughly.

My Experience ~

Key Ingredients used are in this shower gel:

Aloe vera gel~ Is clinically proven to soothe and nurture the skin, and is naturally grown in Guatemala by our Community Trade Partner.  Body Shop Aloe products contain no preservatives, dyes, fragrances or soap

Peach fruit extract ~With its fruit acids and sugars, helps smooth, soften and refresh the skin.

Like most of body shop shower gel this one comes in clear plastic bottle with flip top cap, the shower gel is dark red or you will call it purple? colour which resembles pomegranate seeds colour.  Again the highlight of this shower gel is the fragrance which is just awesome, it fills the bath room with the lovely smell.  It’s neither very thick or running just perfect gel and also forms well.  Use shower puff and this can do a long way which I do, just 2-3 drop and it’s enough.

After wash I feel refresh & cleaned and skin feels smooth & supple.   After a long day these shower gel does help to feel refresh and energetic and also it doesn’t dry the skin. The scent wafts beautifully around the room while you use it which just adds to the wonderful experience.  If you like the smell of pomegranate then this is a definite must for you as it really does smell good enough to eat!

Body Shop Pomegranate Shower Gel Review

Cons ~

  • Again it’s the price
  • The fragrance doesn’t stay really long
  • Not available everywhere.
  • But all said and done I really love this shower gel.  And if I will buy this again and sure yes (wish these things comes in sale :D)

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