My Beauty And Makeup Hail After Wise She Recommendation


By Ashu,

Hello everybody,

I am quite a new member of Wise she. And after around a month with you guys and  I am addicted to it. Earlier getting the right products depended  more or less on guessing , on being coaxed by the SAs (Ma’m, this is the perfect thing for your skin… )  or by hearing about it . Sometimes we get lucky and sometimes not so lucky….. Anyways I have got some products after reading the reviews here and now telling about my experience.

Himalaya product reviews+fab india product reviews

Fabindia sesame oil: like it very much. Using it alternatively with my homemade oil.

Tejas coconut oil: Good old coconut oil with the assurance of purity.

Fabindia neem and tulsi scrub: fresh feeling. Though way too gentle for me, which I don’t like that much. Still a nice product but won’t be buying it again.

Nivea pomegranate lip balm: it’s become a compulsory thing in my hand bag. Wow thing.

The body shop vitamin e lip balm: Waxy. But using it still sometimes cos of vitamin e content. Won’t buy it again. I like smooth lip balms like VLCC.

Himalaya baby wipes: Never thought that baby wipes could be so useful. Multiple uses.

body shop+patanjali reviews baba ramdev

Baba ramdev aloe gel: love it. Been using it as night cream and its simply awesome. Used it in hair as transparent mascara too. I have been using it with little olive oil and I am seeing difference in my eye lashes. Love it. Way to go baba ji.

The body shop strawberry polish: simply yummy, clean and refreshing.

The body shop Shea butter body wash: got it cos there was a 15% discount on any 2 products from bath and beauty range. Lathers very less. I like a little lather otherwise I don’t get that clean feeling (weird!!!! but that’s how I am). So will stick to st. Ives

The body shop facial buffer: good thing for that squeaky clean feeling. Though I have been using it sparingly as I have pretty sensitive skin.

The body shop bath gloves: simply awesome. (I’ve heard that they remove the bumpy ingrown hair too. Cheers for that.  )

So this has been my shopping. And I love the fact that I am making fewer mistakes in choosing products. Planning to do a major cosmetics shopping (again after going through reviews here). See you soon with my cosmetics haul (god am so excited….).

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  1. Ashu, awesome haul! I personally love most of the stuff you have got.

    And abt the shower cream, it is rather a very creamy one meant for very dry skin and thats why less lather. But their shower gels like strawberry, sweet lemon etc. are too good and lather really well.

    Anamika, did you hear of the new parabens and sulfates free shower gels TBS has introduced?

  2. What an awesome haul, Ashu!! Hope you enjoy all your purchases!
    Am not able to find the nivea pomegranate flavor anywhere! I wish we had health and glow in Kolkata.. Sigh.. I miss it so much.

    • do try the patanajli products. they are like quite pure and ddirt cheap. thats a tempting combination.. earlier i dint take them seriously but reasing reviews here opened my eyes. :rotfl:

  3. Nice haul ashu 🙂 . Am a quiet reader of almost all the reviews here . I was on a shopping spree too. Will share with you guys soon 🙂

  4. I tried Nivea Pomegranate Lip Balm & it did nothing for me. I still have chapped lips, but I recommend Lotus Herbals Strawberry Lip Balm for anyone who has tried everything but can’t get anything to work.
    I brought Nivea Lip Balm along with the Nivea Creme.
    It works AMAZING. It makes my skin so smooth & it’s so worth the moderately pricey cost.
    It’s the best, seriously. 😀

    • I agree that Nivea is not moisturising enough, but isn’t the Lotus one waxy? It leaves a residue on my lips in an airconditioned environment :(( I find the Neutrogena one not waxy and at the same time very moisturising.

  5. I heard Lotus has a tinted suscreen..but never really found it in H&G…anyone here who has actually seen or used it?? Please help


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