Body Shop Sale in Hyderabad

                                        The Body Shop sale – Gorgeous Gifts from Diwali
Last week  I and Manisha were discussing about high end brand sales and how it is beneficial to buy them in sale season and here we have Body shop sale in front of us.
This is an Member exclusive save of 20% on ALL PURCHASES only on 23rd and 24th of October.
If you are not a member then you can enroll there with Rs 500 submission .
I would advise you  to go with your friends so that you don’t have to submit even Rs 500 as they give you free membership with specific amount of purchase.
For further information you can

contact Inorbit mall @ 24202331, Hyderabad Center Tel: 40033941

You can read some of the product reviews of Body Shop here.
You can also read about my BodyShop  haul and how I saved good amount of bucks in their last sale here
P.SHope you guys having a great weekend.Me just back from a heavy lunch from Udapi     Hyderabad.Loved it!!!



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