Body Shop sales updates and my body shop haul

Guys I am just back and I haven’t removed my make up also as I am too excited to write about this post.As I received a mail about Body Shop sale I thought this one is just a sale which has nothing beneficial in it.
But today when I went to Body Shop I was smiling through out.
Below are the details of the products on which they have sale
*50% sale on their limited collection which includes the bronzer and eye shadow palette.shade no 19, 02, 01
*50 sale on all the eye shimmer
*50% sale on mineral eye shadow
*50% sale on pink lipstick (Its really great I already have it so didn’t get it)
*50% off on lip gloss shade number 03 (I have this too 🙁 )
*50% off on blue mascara(I find it pretty stupid though)


                                                              Pic from the website
They also have 50% off on their moisture white shiso range.So all those girls who want to be fair and trust body shop then can give this range a try.When I previously saw the range if I remember correctly it was of Rs 1200 and i stepped back but 50% on this range is fantastic.
They have 50% off on the nail filers and nail buffer too.
Also if you buy any one product you will get 10% percent off and If you buy 2 products then 20% off.(This includes the body butter too galllzz !!!)
As I was eying their eye shadows a lot so I got my hands on to them .The Mrp. is Rs 1195 and 895 and I got both of them at 50% discount in 1000 bugs so it was kind off 1 ke saath 1 FREE FREE FREE(Sounds like a soap ad:D)

I am dying to swatch them and do my make up with them.Also in the pic you might think that green color is same but it is not.One green is shimmery and the other one is matte.Will swatch them sooOON and probably do a make up look with them:)

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  1. @ Shoppingaholic-Ha Ha,Every wants their share and its not just not sleazy its looooove;)@ Cynthia-If u like the eye shadows then u should have been in Delhi otherwise u already have their white range..


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