Body Shop Stardust Photos, Price & Swatches


Body Shop glitter comes in shade of pink and gold and costs Rs 545

The Body Shop Stardust Review

Comes in a tiny glass bottle but they are not shimmery they are SPARKLE and yes they are not supposed to be used on eyes . It’s only meant for body and cheeks though I will never think of applying them on cheeks.

Body Shop Star Dust 02 – Gold (1.5gm)

The Body Shop Stardust Review star dust shade pink

Body Shop Star Dust shade – Pink(1.5gm)

The Body Shop Stardust Review star dust shade gold

Swatches of Body Shop Star Dust

The Body Shop Stardust swatches




  1. ahh im not sure but they look like the glitters that we get from market for craft purposes 😛 i suddenly remembered by craft classes 😀 how would one use them ? and BIGGER question why does it cost 545 ?? :O * me shocked pulling hair “:P


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