Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Nose Pore Mask Review


Post By Priti,

Nose Pores Mask by Body Shop Tea Tree Range

For long I have been using various product for nose pores and when I saw Body Shop Tea Tree Nose Pore Mask I immediately wanted to try it, well it was almost 2 years back. So here the review which I was planning to do for quite some time now.

Body Shop Tea Tree Nose Pore Mask Review

  • Product ~ Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Nose Pore Mask
  • For Skin Type ~ All
  • Price ~ SGD  $19.90 for 30ml[not available in TBS Indian Site]
  • Product Claim ~ This product with tighten up large pores, reduce pores and dead skin cells, and remove blackheads.
  • How to use the nose pore mask to get rid of blackheads on nose  ~ Apply a thin layer of the cream to your nose area only. Let the mask dry for 15 minutes and then peel it off.


My Experience with Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Nose Pore Mask


This Nose Pore Mask comes in a light green tube, the mask itself in light green colour, It is thick and rich and covers your nose with only a few tiny amounts on your finger to apply the mask. The mask gets completely dry with in 12-15 minutes.

Ingredients used are (from pack)

Water, alcohol denat., polyvinyl alcohol, silica, glycerin, dimethicone copolyol acetate, hydroxyethylcellulose, melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) leaf oil, xanthan gum, t-butyl alcohol, salvia officinalis (sage) extract, denatonium benzonate, sodium benzonate, potassium sorbate, titanium dioxide, chromium oxide greens

Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Nose Pore Mask +body shop  blackhead remover mask

Like tea tree others products this mask also contains natural tea tree oil and on the medicine side. It’s not real strong, you overlook a slight smell. This mask instantly cools your skin after applying and dries to a matte finish white color instead of the shiny white I  started out with.

Peeling off the face mask is pity easy and as it comes out easily once fully dries.My  skin feels smooth and clean after use of this mask.

So far so good?  But the main purpose of this mask NOSE PORE cleaning is not achieved 🙁 .  So many times I applied the mask but every time I don’t see any difference made to pore, no matter what method I use.

As all the of tea tree product this mask is also expensive but it doesn’t really do anything.  I’m so sad with this product and overall am disappointed with Body Shop Tea Tree range, none of the product does nothing for me though I have oily skin.  sigh !!

Even the body shop tea tree face wash makes no difference to me 🙁


 What I do not like about Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Nose Pore Mask

  • Doesn’t do what it claims, no difference in pore.
  • Expensive
  • Verdict -  No price for guessing 😛 I will never buy this product again and I have not even finish this tube though it almost 2 years.

If any of you have used this product and happy with it then please share.

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  1. Nice Review Priti…I’ve hardly heard any gud reviews for this range…its such a disappointment when a TBS product turns out ot be a dud.. 🙁

  2. actually surprising thing is that its is tea tree..i mean every one gets excited with the tea tree word..i always believed that tea tree is a miracle on earth :duh:

    • haha!! i know…when tea tree stuff strted coming out i was lik eWhoa! This seems so pure and effective, everything it touches will turn in to gold..lekin aise hua nahi…and i realised i was allergic to tea tree oil when used in concentrated form 🙁 🙁 and the diluted version does nothing for me…Grrr…

  3. present mam
    i m so excited at this tea tree word nowadays that i bought an oriflame tea tree oil :silly: its not doing anything yet 🙁

    • Good morning was yur makeup practice yesterday…?? did it do some good??

      and yur present has been accepted 😛

      oriiflame tea tree range also doesn’t work 😐 ..uff!!!

  4. I don’t think this is availble in India.. I have tried their Tea tree face wash, I’m not sure if it is effective as it dried out my face within a week of using it. I rarely use it now.

    • Good morning TANZ

      tea tree is for super oily skin so i can understand that it might have not worked for u that much but even the tea tree oil doesn’t work on my acne 🙁


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