Body Shop ‘tweaks expiry dates’ ?


I woke up with many mails  from Wise She readers sharing news of Body Shop in one of the Mumbai Newspaper which is as follows.


The Body Shop — an international cosmetics retailer that pridesitself on selling products made from fresh, natural ingredients — has been accused of doing something rather stale. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said on Thursday that the company’s store in Ghatkopar had extended expiry dates of several products by one year, from 2013 to 2014.

FDA inspectors seized products worth Rs 1.2 lakh from the store, in R City Mall, after a preliminary inquiry revealed that their labels (mentioning dates of manufacture, import and expiry) had been changed. 


Confirming the seizure, FDA Joint Commissioner K B Shende told Mirror that a further investigation would be carried out and an offence would be registered in a court. “Changing the expirationdateofanyproductisanoffence, and we will take action against those responsible,” he said. 

The Body Shop India, however, said that all its products had been tested and were of the highest quality. “We do not sell expired products. There are specific labelling requirements for these products, and we are cooperating with FDA to ensure compliance,” it said in a statement. 

The Body Shop was founded by late British environment and human rights activist Dame Anita Roddick in 1976. It started with a small store in Brighton, England, selling only 25 products. Now in 61 countries, the company places great emphasis on creating products from natural ingredients, which are ‘ethically sourced’. 

Thursday’s action against the Ghatkopar outlet followed a complaint made by a customer to FDA.“All the products have a label which states the dates of manufacture, import and expiry,apart from the names of manufacturer and importer and the price. In this case, we found that the stickers were changed to extend the expiration date,” said an official. 

He added: “For instance, the label one of the products stated its expiry date as June 2014. However, a partly torn label below it mentioned the date as August 2013.” 

According to another official, stores can change stickers on their goods to reflect new prices, following higher production costs. “In this case, instead of changing the prices, all other details were also changed,” he said.
Earlier this year, FDA sent samples from the store for testing to Drug Control Laboratory in Bandra. None of the samples were found to be substandard, which prompted authorities to investigate the possibility of labeltampering.

Body shop Expiry date tweaking issue  is something which was discussed by few of the Indian bloggers few months back and this time it has come up again .It is sad because we all have  all the good things to say about the brand.I started using Body shop only after reading many good reviews on foreign blogs .I didn’t mind paying  extra money for the fresh product  but this news broke my heart.

What’s your opinion on Body Shop issue ?Do you think it is true or the brand has been framed ?

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  1. It’s true Ana. Many ppl have been complainung bout this after having actually experienced it. Tanveer and shayoni put it up on their blogs too. This tampering of labels is rampant during sale times. I’ve been quite cautious of this n warned my sis n asked her to tell her friends as well. It’s truly a shame!

  2. I recently started using TBS tea tree lotion.And it was working wonders but after reading this I am in a fix to re-purchase or not 🙁 🙁

  3. I myself went thro such awfull experience once during sale early tis year..
    from that day i stop’d shopping frm der & stop’d post’n reviews abt d products frm d brand..
    I literally felt cheated & nvr in my life thot TBS would stoop low lik tis fr selling their products

  4. I have used only some products but they were so good.was plannin to buy stuff if they had a sale.but after reading Tanveer’s post dropped all plans 🙁 I have heard tat d skin care and cosmetics standards of our country is nt par wit foreign countries.

  5. Oh noo…I was hoping that this was the case only during the sale…but its really disheartening that I won’t be able to trust the brand even though I wan to 🙁

  6. Dear Anamika:

    We pride ourselves on the quality and safety of our products, ensuring they meet the most stringent international quality standards. With regards to the recent article in the Mumbai Mirror, we are fully cooperating with the FDA to resolve their query.

    The Body Shop International trades in over 60 countries worldwide. We treat each country we trade in with equal respect complying with relevant local & global legislation. .

    You are a valued customer for us and we hope to have your continued support.

    The Body Shop India

  7. Thats totally unfair, This is happening again?
    That means the last time the issue was brought up, they took us lightly.
    As if anything chalta hai in India.
    Can the bloggers do somethin together?

  8. Dear Anamika,

    We pride ourselves on the quality and safety of our products, ensuring they meet the most stringent international quality standards. With regards to the recent article in the Mumbai Mirror, we are fully cooperating with the FDA to resolve their query.

    You are a valued customer to us and we hope to have your continued support and faith in the brand.

    The Body Shop India

  9. I myself faced this issue..thankfully I’d read other blogs and was aware of this Atleast..I’m so very shocked by this..I’ve been using tbs products since the past 7yrs and this is a huge let down..

  10. Another thing TBS needs to have is well trained staff .. The staff in oberoi mall is rude to say the least .. N once when i went they dint know that they stocked solid perfume when its in front of their eyes

  11. actually sometime its happened when the put things on 50% off all that stuff near to expire one time they sold products on 50% so i ask why this and bottles look older too , so they said one other store going to closed better buy a things which manufacturing near to date like one or two month back i only buy sale product only in limited edition. Actually this thing happened with other brands too .


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