Body Shop Sale (Warehouse Sale Experience)


By Priti,

I wanted to share with you guys body shop warehouse sale details and what I found interesting. I have been to many body shop sale but to warehouse sale I hardly’s yearly once affair and always in March that’s along with IT Show which happens here in Singapore.

Last year I went to warehouse sale before going to IT Show along with DH (that’s was the big mistake) since it was evening time so was very crowded and he was sure you want to shop here ..look at the crowd, go to the shop and buy whatever you want! Hmm so I told him fine let’s go to IT Show cause I know I will not be able to buy anything plus it was indeed crowded.

Body Shop Warehouse SALE

But that was last year, this year after my Post Christmas Sale visit when I told my friends they ask him to inform them the next sale details, and I know TBS Warehouse Sale comes in March so we decided to go along.


Event Deatils:

Body Shop Warehouse Sale

From 9th Mar to 12th Mar 2011

Time 10.30am to 8.00pm

At Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre.


Though the warehouse sale is also like the any other TBS sale but they did offer few new products.  But I’m going to focus here on things which were new and interesting.


There were bags, small purse, gift bags, cosmetic bag available, mostly the stuff we get for free if we purchase for say $50, $85 etc.  The cosmetic bags are like something below pictures  & cost from $3 to $8.


Body Shop bags, small purse, gift bags, cosmetic bag

They always keep this 4 for $10 for 60ml bottles things like shower gel, shampoo, lotion etc.  It’s a good deal when you want to try new products and get it in small quantity :).  (and you can always find strawberry for sure)


They do not keep much of make up products and if there is any it’s very limited and not much of sale price.  If there are make up products rest assure the whole crowd will be at that counter and everything get finish so fast within a eye blink :)  …it happened to me on Post Xmas sale ..there was bronzer and I was thinking whether to buy or not to buy as it was over $15 and after say 10-15 minutes I thought okie let’s go n check that out again and there I was …it was no more ..they replace it with some other product, me and my friend had good laugh.


Anyways so this time there was something new for me, in the center of hall they had few carts and in two of them they kept the products which were 3 for $9.90.  How interesting is that??  3 for $9.90 wow right?  So on the 1st day we had choice between

Eye Colours (only Burnished Brown was available)  original price $18.90, was very catchy though!


Body Shop Eye COLOUR

Eye Palette Limited Collection For Eyes 02 A La Mode (only black & gray colours and without brush, pencil)  original price $39.90 but that’s with 4 shades and accessories!


Eye Palette Limited Collection For Eyes 02 A La Mode


And what I found interesting was Body shop Oil Free Balancing Foundation (30ml) original price $32.50 and was available in only one shade either 05 or 06 am not sure now.  And this was really good, oil free, it was so easy to spread and was giving instant glow on skin ..I totally loved it.




Body Shop Oil Free Balancing Foundation Review

On second day the options were

Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Toner 60ml ..below pic is of 200ml



Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Toner review

Body Shop Oil Free Eye Concealer (can’t find the pic in TBS site)


And BODY shop Satsuma Body Lotion (250ml), original price $19.90



Body shop  Satsuma Body Lotion Review

Now this is all exciting right? My friend picked 3 foundation and I was thinking to do some mix and match and get it too after all 3 for 9.90 it’s real steal but ofcourse we happiness didn’t lasted long and we came to know all this products expires within 3 months :(  …what  only 3 months dreams were shattered, I really liked that foundation very much.  Then I was in fix as I’m pity sure that I can’t finish any of the product in 3 months that’s not me.  So we all kept back all the stuff 🙁 ..and moved on.  But the foundation were selling like real hot cakes and was over within 2-3 hours.  Do you think you can finish the foundation (30ml) in 3 months?


On the 2nd day the hot sale was going on the Satsuma Body Lotion (250ml) as of course 250ml lotion 3 for $9.90 is tempting.  Again me and my other friend thought a lot, I just wanted to make sure it expires in 3 months too so asked the sales gal & she confirmed ..hmm I was thinking to buy some and gift but then I was sure this too I can’t finish in 3 months ..and again they were ladies buying it in dozen…do they really finish such things in 3 months I was thinking.


So these was the most exciting part of the sale and I didn’t got any of 3 for $9.90 stuff..what do you guys think I did a mistake or it was correct decision?? I’m still not able to decide.


Hope you liked to read my experience and not got bored of it.


**All pictures are from TBS site.

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  1. better to have 1 good thing that lasts than a dozen which wont…i think u thought well…some of the higher end products with any brand normally last long ..either due to ample product or the product needs to be used in limited quatities…no point in that rush :-)) :smug: :smug: :smug: somebody not missing me :-((

  2. Do they have these kind of sales in India ?:-) But I think even if they have it in India there won’t be any in Chennai :-/

    Abt the lotion, I think you did the right thing. What if it doesn’t work for you? You’d regret spending so much..


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