Bodyography Foundation Primer Clear Review

Bodyography Foundation Primer Clear+ best drugsture primer
  • Price: Rs. 375
  • Quantity: 15 ml

My Experience with Bodyography Foundation Primer Clear:

Whenever I spot any primer, an advertisement starts running in mind! Primer promoter saying ‘Have you tried many things but still haven’t succeeded in getting a silky soft skin? So what if you haven’t?! Try this primer and get an unbelievably silky soft skin in less than 30 seconds!’ All these claims would be true but people with less make up knowledge wouldn’t know it’s a make-up product and not a skin care product!

Wahahahahahhaa!! 😀 (Ok!I know I shoudn’t be laughing 😐 )

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Bodyography Foundation Primer Clear+ best primer for oily skin


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Coming to the review part now, I spotted this bodyography primer on heathkart website while browsing stuff some 6 months back. I had ordered NYX primer that time but it had to arrive after 2 weeks and I had a function ahead, so I thought to try it. I got it at a discounted price from there.

For a girl with combination skin like me, it does only what it claims, which is making the skin ultra smooth for application of foundation. It doesn’t increases the staying power of my make-up. If it increases the stay by 10-15 minutes, then I don’t know. I’m not a stop watch at all 😛

But I have to make sure to moisturize my skin properly before I applying it. This primer has a gel consistency which gets absorbed instantly! Make-up just glides upon this. Skin feels velvety soft! I love touching it! 😀

A very little quantity is needed for face and neck, so it should last you long.


Bodyography Foundation Primer Clear+ best primer for pores

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But this primer is a whole different story for my friend who has dry skin. It increases her make-up staying power by as long as 3-4 hours!!

My friend has now taken this primer. Reason? Wrong! 😛

It’s because she’s taking salsa classes and she has a crush on her partner. And, she applies this every time on her hands when she has to go for her classes! Mad world, I tell You!!

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Bodyography Foundation Primer Clear+ smoothening primer


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Pros of Bodyography Foundation Primer Clear:

  • Travel friendly packaging.
  • Decent price for the quantity.
  • Increases staying power of make-up for dry skinned people.
  • Gets absorbed really fast.
  • Makes skin velvety soft.
  • Didn’t give me pimples or bumps.

Cons of Bodyography Foundation Primer Clear:

  • Availability. If it’s out of stock on website, you can always ask for notification when it’s in stock.
  • Doesn’t increases staying power of make-up for oily/combination skinned people.

I think I just made an advertisement there 😛

God bless you! 😀


Have you tried Bodyography Foundation Primer Clear?


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  1. Never heard of this brand.. ?:-) but ncie review.. 😉 :-* :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup:
    i am a combo skin.. so i don think this wud suit me! :-))

  2. What a co-incidence! Just saw this yesterday at urbantouch and was debating whether to get it 🙂 Nice review heens :yes: The part about why ur friend borrowed it is hilarious :rotfl:

  3. This sounds quite good to me Heena. n ur friend. :rotfl:
    I already have the lux body wash ad running in my mind, With ashwarya ray flaunting her soft and silky skin of her hands 😛

  4. thanku hin for saving my money :hug-makeup: i always used to sit and stare it and then remove it from my cart :rotfl: i want a sturdy primer.. i’l lookout for something else :hug-makeup:

  5. haha!!! i luv the applyin on hands wala idea!

    the best one ive liekd so far is the BnD one…its called the TZone mattifier but its actually a fab primer ive come to realise 🙂


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