Bollywood 1950’s Inspired Wide-Eye makeup tutorial


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Today I’d be doing a tutorial, which is inspired by our 1950’s heroines. With their radiant skin, thick brows and thick winged eyeliners and big eyes, they were always a charm to see and not to forget their enigmatic performances. As a kid I never liked those movies, but as I’ve grown up, I crave for all those old movies because to be honest there’s a lack of good movies these days. Anyways, lets be back ..

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Actress Collage

This tutorial is going to be particularly helpful for those who have small eyes, as this technique will help in getting not only big eyes (as in big and open eyes) and also wide eyes (width wise) hope it makes sense… Read on to know how you can achieve this look.

Step 1:- Prime lids (Urban delay primer potion review) & apply neutral e/s

Start by applying an e/s base (You can check nyx eyeshadow base here Big Smile) and preferably a white e/s base to illuminate the eye area (Read11 ways to use your White Eye-liners), I have used nyx jumbo eye pencil in milk. Blend it properly upto the brow bone. After that pat some neutral e/s all over the lid (try to match your skin tone) , in this case I’m using my compact.

Bollywood 1950’s Inspired Wide-Eye Eye makeup tutorial+eye makeup

Step 2:- Mark crease area with soft brown e/s

We need to get a soft contour of the eye, therefore its preferable to use a soft brown e/s (or any brown shade which is 2-3 shades darker than your own skin tone, therefore choose accordingly). Blend the e/s onto the contour of your eye, and feather it upto your brow bone near the inner corner of your eye. To get appropriate color, I’ve mixed a peachy e/s with a brown e/s + a little black matte e/s to contour the eye. Don’t forget to pull this crease outwards towards the end of your brows.

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Bollywood 1950’s Inspired Wide-Eye Eye makeup tutorial+step by step eye makeup

Then take a liner brush, and draw a line almost straight to your eye, and fill it in. Once you’re done with it, take some white kohl (Check out Revlon Luxurious Color Kohl eyeliner in Pure White Review )and put it on your waterline and extend it outwards where your black eyeliner(You can check out top 15 black eyeliners here ) ends, but make sure not to mix it with black.

Bollywood 1950’s Inspired Wide-Eye Eye makeup tutorial final look+eye makeup tutorial

This may require some cleaning, so keep a q-tip handy with makeup remover or cleanser. While you’re done with it draw a soft line on your lower lash line preferably with a black+brown eyeshadow to get a nice soft look (although I have used a liner) and join it with the outer corners like this.

Bollywood 1950’s Inspired Wide-Eye Eye makeup tutorial final look+winged eyeliner

Hope you like the tutorial, and with regular practice one can get hang of it, although it’s my first time, and the white kohl got really intense on my waterline. If you’r not comfortable with white kohl, use flesh tone kohl. Apply lots of mascara, and you’re done.

Makeup Products used:-


Bollywood 1950’s Inspired Wide-Eye Eye makeup tutorial+eye makeup techniques


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  • Nyx jumbo eye pencil milk (as base)
  • MAC studio fix powder foundation (as base e/s)
  • Cameo & Puce (from coastal scents hot pots, to mark crease)
  • MAC Carbon (to define the contour)
  • My Face cosmetics slinky matte black eyeliner
  • Lashem double trouble mascara




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    • thnku manya 🙂 yea old actresses looked so gud with this makeup .. although i doubt if i will able to go around with such a makeup.. did u notice that most of the time the eyebrws were made almost straight so that the eyes can be worked on 🙂 t

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  2. So many yesteryear actrsses carry off the winged look with such ease….n their eyes are always so dramatically done that u cant stop staring at them :lashes: Nice tute Upsi :-))

  3. Naaaice.. I was changing channels and saw a movie where Rekha had water lined her eyes white.. And this one comes today!!!! :yippee: :yippee:


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