Bollywood Actress and Their Favourite Makeup Products


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We all have favourites when it comes to makeup products. We exactly know what to buy and where to buy from. While we try new products we actually go and buy them only when we are doubly triply sure about them. Isn’t it? I know you would agree to being picky and choosy about a product before it reaches your closet and once we know such products, we can blindly use them for ages.

I am sharing some of the products that the celebrities in Bollywood swear by. The products that they think are required by them at all times. Let’s see how common their choices are with us.

MAC Cosmetics NC43 Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

Priyanka Chopra uses it!

mac studio fix foundation

Priced around INR 3500, this is what our favourite Pee Cee uses while on the roll. She uses it quite often than not. It is a pressed powder cum foundation which gives her a settled matte finish. This foundation is actually a favourite of a lot of famous people we know.

Priyanka Chopra makeup product MAC studio fix foundation

MAC Paints Bare Canvas

Who doesn’t know Sonam Kapoor’s love for eye makeup

mac bare paint canvas sponam kapoor favourite makeup products

Much we know about Sonam Kapoor’s preferences given her large sized eyes, she swears by this product to give her the perfect eye shadow finesse. This is a cream-based eye shadow which dries up to give a powdered finish.

sonam kapoor eye makeup

Also, another advantage that I see is that it gives complete coverage compared to other forms.

MAC Eyeshadows

Deepika Padukone’s Favourite Pick

deepika padukone eye makeup

Want to know the Secret behind Deepika Padukone sultry eyes? She swears by MAC eye shadows. Deepika loves to give her eyes some contouring with the use of brown- and taupe- colored eye shadows.

deepika padukone

Shades like MAC satin taupe, Quarry and Charcoal brown are ideal to get deep and intense looking eyes like her without going OTT.

Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Serum

Is this the one Madhuri Dixit Nene uses for her agelessness?

madhuri dixit olay

Madhuri Dixit Nene’s beauty is not something unknown to us. She uses this serum religiously as it is known to be enriched with Vitamin B3 which makes her skin appear ageless. It is not greasy at all and easily absorbs into the skin.

Kiehl’s-Olive Fruit Oil-Deeply Repairative Hair Pack

Katrina Kaif’s favourite for her hair

khiels fruit hair packWho does not like her hair? Katrina Kaif uses this product for her hair and her hair are just too good to be true given their silky straight fall. That is why I believe, she is the only actress who does not mind keeping the same hair style (keeping her hair open) in most of her movies.

ktrina kaif hair

Well, one has to agree that there is nothing that should be done to her flawless hair anyway.

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick

Kangana Ranaut loves her lips

ysl lipstick kangana ranaut

All the shades of this lipstick brand are very good and make you feel good about your lips. The creamy texture and nice shades on your lips gives you a nice finish which you can definitely expect to last and stay till long. This one sure is to be followed.

kangana ranaut YSL lipstick

I have not groped into all celebrities as of now but it seems like these products are enough to provoke my thoughts about using these products as frankly I am yet to try these out. But for these celebrities these products are for sure their necessity like we do with our set of products. It is actually good to have patronage for products and at the same time it is good to try new products and form opinions which I am doing here for you and of course for myself. 😀


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