Bollywood actresses sexy tattoos


Have you ever thought of getting a tatoo done on your body.Well initially it scared me but now I feel getting it done too.Its kind a fun.When ever I see a girl with a tatoo she really grabs my attention.

Below are some Bollywood  celebrity tatoos which I find really sexy or cute

Divya dutta carries her this some what large tattoo (according to me) beautifully .Though I find her arms quiet heavy but still they don’t look awkward the way Rakhi sawant looks.

I find this one super cute.I think my husband won’t complain for this one at all.

When I first noticed Katrina tattoo I thought it is kind of a mehandi design  but this one is a real inked tattoo.

When Hrithik and Susanne rumors of split was high both came out with the same tattoo and proved that they are very much together.

Winner is tattoing is  Malika Arora and Deepika Padukone.No celebrity tattoo has been in so much news then there’s

Would you dare to get inked?


  1. me for Malikaaaa for suree Shantanu..She is a momi of 6-7 yr old child but still can give any bollywood actress run for her money.

  2. of course Ana..!! thats so true. Malaika is certainly an idol for ordinary girls also. And look at her she still looks as if a grad student. obviously awesome tattoo she is flaunting.

  3. Thanks for giving me a sweet name buddy:)yup i wish i can be this smart:D..this is a secret desire don reveal it;)

  4. Well, I have 2 tattoos and planning for my 3rd… Tattoos should define “u” or else its of No use having them on ur body n clueless abt “wat d heck it means”?… I have an ambigram of “destiny & desire” and totally love it and on my other hand ..I have “AMORE” m sure u all knw wat amore means , but still it means “LOVE” in italian, spanish , french etc lingo’s 😀 :inlove: :heart:


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