Bollywood celebrates Durga puja in style


Hi girls,

I am sure we all are enjoying this festive season which has started with Navratras and durga puja. I live in CR park, Delhi and have been going to the pandals every evening.

Like us, even the Bollywood celebs celebrate the Durga puja to the maximum. I just thought of compiling our favorite actresses looks during this durga puja of 2012.

Kajol, her sister Tanisha and her mother Tanuja-

Kajol was spotted with her mother Tanuja and sister Tanisha at a Durga Puja pandal. Clad in colourful saris, the actresses looked beautiful and very traditional.Kajol’s look was completely traditional with a big round red bindi and sindoor. I loved her traditional “taanth” saree as well which is a speciality of Kolkatta.


durga puja1-001


Her full look-

durga puja2-001

Kajol with her mom below-

durga puja3-001

Kajol was spotted at another durga puja pandal in a simple suit. I definitely preferred her in her saree avatar-

durga puja4-001


Below is Bengali actress RituparnaSengupta. I am not a big fan of her look as well as make-up but will forgive her because its puja time 😀


durga puja5-001


She also performed at the event-


durga puja6-001


Durga Puja does not just signify rituals and traditions, the festival is also about music and fun. RitupuranaSengupta and KrishnenduSen are seen playing ‘Dhak’. I appreciate her traditional and simple look.


durga puja7-001

durga puja8-001


How many of us follow “Bade Acchelagtehain”? Below is TV actress SumonaChakravarti of ‘Bade AchheLagteHai’ attendingDurga Puja in Mumbai. I really like her bright saree and big jhumkas :), along with a pink bindi…



durga puja9-001


Below is superstar Amitabh Bachchan attending a durga puja pandal with his wife Jaya Bhaduri in Mumbai-


durga puja10-001


BipashaBasu- she travelled to Kolkata this year after many years to celebrate Durga puja with her family.Below is the picture tweeted by her. She is with her niece-

durga puja11-001


I love her festive look with round red bindi, red lips, and straight hair.

Below is another picture tweeted by her. She is with her mother, father, niece and sister-in-law. Gorgeous familyJ isn’t it?


durga puja12-001


Below is another bong beauty SushmitaSen with her younger daughter celebrating durga Puja in a Mumbai Pandal. She is also looking very pretty and traditional. A typical bong beauty.Whatsay gals 🙂


durga puja13-001


How can we forget our another bong beauty Rani Mukherjee if we are talking about Durga Puja. Below she is seen with her father.


durga puja14-001


Another full look at her-


durga puja15-001


P.S.- All the pictures were sourced from either ibnlive/bollywoodmantra/twitter.


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  1. awesome post.. Smita! i loved bips a heck lot over oda’s .. rani is my fav again.. i love bong beauties… they are so graceful n beautiful! :inlove:

  2. Rituparna looks beautiful in simple dresses and make up. but some dancers have this dramatic way of making themselves up which sometimes looks garish in the non performance mode!

    • Hi Sahana, But it was compulsory in our school also do do makeup like that when we had our dance performances.that time i use to hate it but now i understand it completely..but sad thing was one foundation was used on 12 girls :O

  3. Just a typical bong dressing style .. a saree with red border and a big bindi completes our look 😀 thnks for the lovely post hope all of you had a great puja too 🙂


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