Bollywood Starlets And Their Makeup Routines


Bollywood starlets and their makeup routines

Hello Ladies….I thought of sharing the make up routines of three of Bollywood’s top actresses with you today.  When we see them on screen we often end up saying oh they look good because of the tonnes of make up that they use but you know whether we say that out of spite or otherwise the bottom line is that a lot of the beauty you see is good skin, well kept hair and healthy habits that help in their effort to minimal make-up

There is a lot of skin care involved. THERE IS NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT !  They spend huge amounts of money looking after their skin.  Regular facials, skin polishing, spas and what not.  Lots of high maintenance goes into the well being of their skin.

I’m sure many of you must wonder about the cosmetics that they use and their regular make-up routines….Well, I’ve got a bit of information for you…..scroll down for more…..

Priyanka Chopra


priyanka makeup



For films, her make-up look is clean and does not vary much. She doesn’t dictate what the make-up should be like and is very open to trying new looks.   Priyanka has really beautiful skin and stunning eyes and an inner luminosity that comes alive in front of a camera.
Her eyes are usually softly defined and her lips are kept natural.  Laura Mercier’s lip stain in Mulberry with no lipstick at all is one of her personal favourites


Bipasha Basu



Bipasha basu makeup




Bong Beauty with big almond eyes, long hair and lovely beautiful skin.  Her complexion is lovely and her cheekbones are well defined.  Her best feature is her nose—it’s perfect.  She uses Benefit’s Posietint on her cheeks—she loves colour on the cheeks and orange lips.
She loves her eyeliner and likes it when it extends outward a little bit. Bipasha is a real experimenter and loves changing her hair style too.


Deepika Padukone


deepika padukone makeup


With this drop dead gorgeous beauty the less you do on her, the better she looks. She has beautifully symmetrical features—big eyes,
a lovely nose and full lips, with stunning skin.  She is really particular about her eyebrows and often times puts the finishing touches on her eyebrows herself while everything else is quite bare.  She uses a cream eye shadow by Laura Mercier in a medium brown shade to fill in her eyebrows.  A cream eye shadow from M.A.C called Quite Natural—is one of her favourites and it’s also a must-have in any make-up kit.

Would you like to know the beauty routine of any other actress?


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  1. I feel alll of them look good only with makeup with the exception of deepika ., her skin actually is flawless .. Shilpa shetty has racoon like dark circles n bips n rani have freckles ., have seen the ladies at thier worst on flights

  2. Deepika is a natural beauty she’s got it all stunning features, flawless skin, a figure to die for and that height awwhh i soo love her man :inlove:


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