Bollywoods Yummy Mummys


Bollywood is filled with yummy mummys today. Gone are the days when an actresse’s career was over after having a kid! This blog belongs to a yummy mummy,so I thought why not do a post on bollywood’s leading ladies who are moms as well!

The first thing that comes to mind is Aishwarya Rai Bachchan .She has been slammed for her weight gain ,but hey, she gave birth and its expected right?Atleast she showed the world she is as real as you or me.

Ash when she was pregnant.


hottest mom+aishwarya rai pregnant


The pic that started all the hoopla about Ash ‘s weight gain


hottest mom+aishwarya rai post pregnancy weight


And Look at her now:



hottest mom+aishwarya rai pregnancy weight loss


When we talk of yummy mommies can Karisma be far behind?

I think Karisma can give Kareena a run for her money..what say?


hottest mom+Karisma kapoor


Sonali Bendre still looks gorgeous inspite of having a 8 yr old son


hottest mom+sonali bendre


Without doubt the hottest mommy around is Malaika Arora Khan:


hottest mom+malaika arora khan


Shilpa Shetty is one lady who looks as good now as she did before she got pregnant! Infact ,better.


hottest mom+shilpa shetty pregnant

hottest mom+shilpa shetty post pregnancy


Neetu Singh Kapoor:Mom to hottie Ranbir and a grandmothertoo.. who can tell?


hottest mom+neetu kapoor


There are plenty more yummy mummies in bollywood..but these are my favs!


Who is your favorite Bollywood Mummy?

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  1. Actually it was not visible on home page…u know i just got to know that Shilpa had a c section..She still look so fab yaar..Mind blowing these ladies are.


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