3 Ways To Get Perfect Butts


The comeback of ‘Skinny Jeans’ has guaranteed that more and more women are now focused on toning, stiffening, and lifting their booties. Though, an attractive backside does more than make your jeans look awesome. So, it’s a great idea to start focusing on your “butts” if you want to grab attention in the crowd. Jennifer Lopez started the trend of “sexy butt” and no doubt she has an amazing booty.  That well toned and super sexy butt is a triumph of hard sweaty work out.

So, if you want to make your butt look sexy then following are few tips that’ll help you for sure:

Exercise: Exercise is REALLY REALLY important to get toned booty, so try working out and shape your butt like “Jennifer Lopez”. 😀

Bootilicious Butt_exercise

  • Squats are suggested for nice butt plus it’s very easy to do, just stand with feet shoulder-width apart — extend your posture to tone the inner thigh muscle. After, lower your hips slowly and stay in this position. Slowly rise your body up and repeat it again.
  • Lunges are same as squats, but lunges make the gluteal muscles work tougher to slow your body as you go down. To start doing lunges, stand straight with feet hip-width distant then take a step forward with your right leg and bend both your knees slowly lower but don’t bend it more than 90 degrees. Stay in this position and get back to repeat with left leg.

Watch your posture:

Posture plays vital role n butt sexiness.

Bootilicious Butt_posture

Have your lower back bended inward and walk with your behind sticking out. This will make you feel like a model 😀 and it looks really sexy to some guys (including my boyfriend). 😛

Perfect Clothes: Anything that “hugs” your ram is a good option so you can go for skinny jeans to get sexy butts. And, most important step is to purchase underwear “Carefully”.  Wear your size neither too tight nor too loose as too tight underwear can make it pop through and shape a “V” line on your jeans and that’s too tacky. Buy underwear that is comfortable around the waistline and butt.

Bootilicious Butt_sexy booty

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