Boots Strawberry Yoghurt Intensive Hair Treatment Review


Boots Strawberry Yoghurt Intensive Hair Treatment

I love pampering my hair with nice conditioning creams and that’s how I picked this Boots Strawberry Yoghurt Intensive Hair Treatment. Even though I did not get my hands on the variant I was looking for yet I thought of giving this a try may be because other products of this company have lived up to my expectations. Keep reading to find out more on this.


Boots StrawberryYoghurt Hair Treatment


About Boots Strawberry Yoghurt Intensive Hair Treatment:

With natural extracts of Strawberry and Yoghurt Boots ingredients Intensive Hair is Treatment is specially formulated to calm frizz and condition your hair whilst leaving it straighter and smoother.

Key ingredients:


Boots Strawberry Yoghurt Ingredients


Price: 720INR for 400 ml.You can get it in discount here

Smell and consistency:

This cream smells like strawberry toffee and has a thin and easy to spread base.


It comes packed into a huge tub that would go a long way.

My take on Boots Strawberry Yoghurt Intensive Hair Treatment:

The funniest part of using this hair treatment is the labeling which says that this is not food. Somewhere they felt that the overpowering yumminess of the product might make us eat it actually. I have been using this for the past two weeks and I can vouch for the fact that this is an over hyped product. No it did not disappoint me but did not make me happy either.


Boots Strawberry Yoghurt Treatment


The texture of Boots intensive hair treatment is creamy and easy to spread. For the first time I used it, I had kept it for 10 minutes which was more that the time directed as I am used to keeping conditioner on my hair not longer than that 3-5 minutes phase. While I was washing this off my hair felt softer than usual, I felt as if there was a kind of coating on my hair. When my hair dried up, my hair looked shinier but the frizziness and dryness control was not as claimed. From the next usage onwards I tried to keep it for 5minutes on my hair to see if it works but I could not see and visible difference in the results.


Boots Hair Treatment Bottle


Also the effect stays only for a day. The next day hair becomes ‘ jaise ka taisa’. The only good thing is that it smells like a strawberry smoothie but I wish it imparted the smell to my hair too.  To sum up all I can say is that it is nothing more than a regular conditioner with that international tag. I got a lot of it left in the tub so need to bear with this. Moreover, why a tub and not a bottle, every time am I supposed to dig out product with wet hands which can damage the whole product at one go. I need to add this that I found a way of finishing this up sooner and that is I use a lot of it at one go. This way it helps me combat the dryness of my hair at least.


Boots Strawberry Yoghurt Swatch


Summing it up:

What I like about Boots Strawberry Yoghurt Intensive Hair Treatment:

  • Budget friendly conditioner- no I cannot call it a treatment
  • Provides a nice shine to the hair
  • Yummy smell
  • Compatible with sensitive noses- as the smell just disappears
  • easy to spread

What I don’t like about Boots Strawberry Yoghurt Intensive Hair Treatment:

  • Tub packaging
  • No frizz control
  • Need a lot of at one go to combat dryness of hair
  • Effects stay only for a day

Overall verdict:

This is a budget friendly regular conditioner not a hair treatment as they claim so I think this will work only for normal hair types. For me, I want something to combat dryness and frizz so I am not going to repurchase this.

Wise she rating: 3/5

Have you tried Boots Strawberry Yoghurt Intensive Hair Treatment?

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  1. nicely written Zinnia 🙂 I recently purchased Henna intensive hair treatment from this boots……..I was looking for Avocado one and finally bought other variant.

  2. strawberry smoothie……open the tub and keep it in your room, then everything will smell of strawberry smothiee…doesn’t do anything for your hair so you might as well use it as air freshner

  3. I have the coconut and almond version for dry hair and it is pretty decent. The smell stays for atleast 2 days and it combats dryness quite well. And I bought it for Rs 300 at a beauty store which makes me love it all the more! 😀 I guess I’ll definitely stay away from this version!


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