Born Pretty Store Review My Experience With Born Pretty Store


Born Pretty Store Review

A usual scenario when shopping online – We open a site who have some pretty good stuff which are  :inlove: :inlove: and it  ships easily without charging a bomb .We immediately place the order and keep waiting for months and if it takes more than a month or two then we stop expecting the delivery of the product.  :-(( :-(( :-((

Same happened with me when I placed my order on born pretty store.This store has some amazing nail art tools , nail paints and 3-d nail art stuff as well which are available in decent price.

Born pretty store review

I was looking for nail art dotting pens since long and they are difficult to find here in India. I even asked for them in Nail art saloons but efforts were of no avail .I then ordered them from born pretty store and when I started browsing the site I just couldn’t resist myself and ordered some more stuff.

My bill still was of  $20 in which $3 were  charged for shipping.

It took around two months in the delivery of my stuff but best part is that the store owner was constantly in touch with me .She kept assuring me that my order will reach but it will take some time She even sent me the picture of the order to make me believe that the order has been sent.

After all the wait and mailing I got my stuff two days back and I have no complaints against born pretty.

There was no damage and it was decently packed too.

Nail Art tool

I ordered the following things

5x 2 way Pink DOTTING Pen Marbleizing Tool Nail Art Dot
1 Acrylic Nail Art Painting Brushes Small Brush Bamboo Pen Kit
12 Colorful Color Stamp Nail Polish Nail Art wholesale

There was some miss communication and Jessica (the store owner) didn’t get to know what exactly I ordered and I mailed her back the stuff list again.
Their is colorful color stamp nail polish . I don’t know why it is called as stamp nail polish .I thought they are coloured nail art dotting pens but anyway I am pretty happy to get them.Then there is a nail art painting brush with a bamboo pen kit so basically it is a nail art brush which is made from bamboo.Why are things named so complicated ?? 😕 :-?:-? I found the brush like any other bindi brush or painting brush so was not much impressed with it.

A small key chain was also sent  in which a coupon code is given for my next purchase where I will get 5% off.

At the back side of colourful color stamp nail polish it is written 3D- ART PEN . I can’t understand how to use them because of my inability to read chinese. :sidefrown: :sidefrown: I just tried to guess from the pic that these can be used to make white branches :D  😀

Born Pretty store products

Then there is nail art dotting pen which I really liked and have already started playing with them 🙂

Nail art tools

But I guess because of the miscommunication Jessica sent me 15 packets of nail art tool and I was shocked to see them and now I don’t know what to do with so many nail art tools.

Nail art dotting tools

It is hard to believe that all this stuff just costed me $20(around Rs900).

I am pretty happy with the quality of my stuff and  would highly recommend the born pretty store provided if one can wait for two months. 😉

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  1. thank u so much for kind words kejal..and i am a nail art addict too :P..u can order nail art tools from ..

  2. hi anamika,
    i just wanted to know since u purchased products from US sites ..did you pay any custom charges for the parcel u received since it was couriered from out side India and in which currency u paid for your purchase.

  3. Hey hi , thanks for sharing your shopping experience. Indeed helpful . I also ordered from BornPrettyStore. Hoping that I will the good stuff.


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