Boroline -Borolione antiseptic cream this winter (Product review)

 By Ishika,

BOROLINE CREAM – Many people don’t know about this product by GD Pharma mainly because it is not publisized so much. Its been there for years but the company has not changed the product at all. No wonder it has the same old packaging as I saw it as a child. They don’t need to do it because they have such a wonderful product to bank upon. This is one cream that’s been used in my house since generations . I

I saw my grandma using it, then my mom and now it is a very important part of my cosmetics wardrobe. When I was young, this is the only cream I knew about because my mom would use it for everything as a mositurizer in winters, chapped lips, for any wounds or scars with I often got while playing, on shoe bites which I had very often. So basically it was an all purpose cream.

What the product claims?
A protective and soothing emollient for chapped skin, cracked nipples, cuts and dry skin diseases.
What it contains?
The product contains boric acid, zinc oxide, white petroleun jelly and anhydrous lanolin as key ingredients.
Boric acid- It works as a mild antiseptic, and it can be effective in the treatment of some skin conditions such as acne and mild rashes.
Zinc Oxide- Apart from sun protection, it is useful for wound healing, acts as an astringent and also helps in treatment of acne.
Anhydrous lanolin- Acts as a barrier protecting the skinfrom harsh environmental conditions.

Price of Boroline antispetic creamRs 15 for 21gms (can you beat that!!!!)

1. Today we have so many moisturizers and cold creams available for use in winters but my mom still trusts borline for healing cracks in her feet. And trust me it does wonders to her feet.
2. My skin is pretty dry and lips become extremely chapped and dry in winters. My only relief is this cream. I use it every night before going to bed and it really helps in keeping them moisturized.
3. It acts as an aniseptic and really helps in curing blisters and any form of wounds and cuts.
4. The price is just amazing. I just cant imagine any other cream which is so decently priced and can be used in so many ways.
5. I love the fragrance. Its pretty soothing and refreshing.
6. Helps in taking care of wrinkles and cures sunburns and general skin infections. I keep one tube in the kitchen because I tend to burn my hand or fingers often. Trust me it has amazing healing capability.
7. The cream has an expiry date of 5 years so you need not worry about finishing it fast. Considering the number od capabilities it has, I am sure it wont last too long anyways.
8. It is easily avaiable in all drug stores and chemist shops so you need not go to cosmetics store to buy it.

1. The only problem I feel is that the cream is a little sticky .
2. It had a thick cream base so using it during day or before going to any function might make your face look oily. So best is to use it @night before going to bed.

Will I buy it again?
Considering the number of uses that it can be put to, I think the product is a must have.

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  1. I'm a big boroline fan as well. Have been using it since childhood (like most bengalis). A trick to reduce the stickiness/make it more soft, especially during winter is to melt the cream a little bit (put it in a small katora and put it in the microwave or over the gas for a few seconds).

  2. I am sure Borolne is a part of everybody's childhood memories like its mine.
    n i remember they used to advertise it earlier… i dont remember the ad bt i do remember the song. ti goes like….. "khushbudaar antiseptic cream boroline" xD

  3. Haaha… keel muhaso ko jad se mitaye, haldi tvacha k gun isme samaye…. Ads in those times were amazing
    N the one with: arey wah raju tumare daant to motiyon jese chamak rahe hain. Kyun na ho sir mein roz dabur lal dant majan se jo manjan karta hun….
    Hahaha this is hilarious. Those were the days actually

  4. arey haan yaar…. that kid was so cute n the way he says… "jalebi?" it was so cute.
    ah seriously this boroline thing refreshed my memories…
    n thanks anamika for joining me and making it more fun ……luv chating with u B)

  5. Hahaha, m a chatter box… hell yeah! Seriously a good and refreshing laugh at the start of the day …wow
    Eh you must be enjoying the rajams by now….. lucky u

  6. Hehehe…. OK.. hope to do that some day.
    My mom says when you cook something yourself you like it more. Well I don’t agree much with her, though I like cooking bt she is better cook

  7. Gurgaon..well u made me more nostalgic..i use to visit gurgaon so often when I was in Noida..With Ambience mall and Cafe was a bliss..:D:D
    My husband will prefer to stay hungry then cook ..

    he is the laziest husband :D:D

    i hope he doesn't read this :D:D

  8. used to? you dont anymore?
    ya ambience mall is a paradise for me…. beautiful shops, cloths, bags food everywhere n a body shop store right in the middle…. 😀

  9. Readin d review ws quite informative.. I hv been usin it nly recently n sure yeah!…boroline is a wonder product..

  10. Boroline is just awesome.Every big compliment would even be small if I want to appreciate this product.This is undoubtedly the cheapest,best and most effective antiseptic cream


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