Boroline Ultra Smooth Ayurvedic Cream Review


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Today, I am here with my gem of skin care product- Boroline Ultra Smooth Ayurvedic Cream. It is the new version of our very own Boroline cream, which we have seen in our home since childhood days. Although, I am not a big fan of tube one because I find it really heavy for my skin, but this new cream really grabbed my attention when I was shopping online. I got this from a local shop and after using it about a month and ready to share my opinions with you all.

About Boroline Ultra Smooth Ayurvedic Cream

The most recent development is Boroline Ultrasmooth. A specially developed production mechanism and fine additions to the product has resulted in luxuriously smooth texture combined with the famed efficacy of Boroline in the new entrant Boroline Ultrasmooth.


Price: INR 35 for 20gm


Packaging: It comes in a small and sleek off white color tube with dark green twist open covering. The small tub packaging is really cute and easy to use as well. Some of you may find the small tube packaging a bit un-hygienic since you have to dig your fingers to get the product, but one can always use a spatula to avoid any kind of mess around. The whole info about the product is mentioned on the tub itself. The company retails this cream for INR 35 for 20 gm of product which is really cost effective.

My Experience with Boroline Ultra Smooth Ayurvedic Cream

Texture and Fragrance-

The texture of this cream is soft and buttery smooth which I like. It really thick cream like body butters and Feels little waxy but settles in second after application. Although, the fragrance is just like old Boroline cream , but the came with even better texture with this one.

This cream is true to its name as it is ultra smooth and blend-able with couple of strokes. It is extremely hydrating and great for dry skin people especially in winters.



I love applying this cream whenever I like to. I use it in many ways like for my chapped lips , rough elbows and knees and as a hand cream and some time as a foot cream. It works great in all the way i use it.Although , it is slightly on heavier side due to thick texture but you can always control the quantity as per your concern. I ‘ll highly recommend it to all of you. Do give this a try and forget your dry and flaky skin issues this winters.

What I like about Boroline Ultra Smooth Ayurvedic Cream?

  • Great multipurpose cream with antiseptic properties
  • Skin saviour in Dry and harsh winters
  • Comes handy
  • Ayurvedic product
  • Boon for chapped lips and cracked heels
  • Removes any of infection on skin.
  • A great alternative of hand creams in winters
  • Smooth and creamy in application
  • Easy to use.
  • haul-able packaging
  • Affordable.
  • Easily available.


What I don’t Like about Boroline Ultra Smooth Ayurvedic Cream?

  • A bit sticky
  • Tub packaging
  • Strong Ayurvedic fragrance.

Rating- 4/5 ( A cheap alternative for high-end hand cream for winters)


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