BOROLINE’s Suthol Skin Shower Review


BOROLINE’s Suthol Skin Shower

When I came to India in 2004 I cribbed about everything and so wanted to go back to my old life abroad.  I hated everything this country had to offer.  2012 and I can’t imagine living any where else other than in India.  I love it and everything about it except the cleanliness of the country.  Mix that up with the rain, humidity, heat,  dust, potty everywhere, urine and that damn red paan that is sprayed all over the roads and walls and elevators and toilets and the list is endless……

So like I said in my review on Clean and dry Intimate Dusting powder, infections, cold, cough, itching, redness and rash, prickly heat  all come courtsey the above.  It plays havoc with our bodies.

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This is where India’s first antiseptic Skin Shower, Boroline’s Suthol comes in to provide some amount of relief.  Boroline is a trusted product and I am sure all of you have one tube in your home.  This breakthrough product combines the coolness of liquid and the antiseptic action of its active ingredients to provide maximum relief. The liquid format also allows for the active ingredients to seep into every pore of the affected area and hence works more effectively than popular powders or creams.

  • Price: INR 25
  • Quantity: 100 ml

This products is available in a bottle as well as a spray format.  Both have the same effect the only difference is that one can be added to your bath water and one can be sprayed directly to the affected part of the skin.  It is absolutely safe to use on a regularlybasis as a preventive measure or to subside any prevalent skin problem.  I would not say use it for infants unless suggested by the the doctor but yes school going kids can use it safely.

The fragrance is very very nice and refreshing.  It feels slightly soapy on application and DOES NOT BURN !!!  It does not stain your clothes either.

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BOROLINE’s Suthol Skin Shower ingredients :-

  • Chlorhexidine. This is an antiseptic that is active against Gram positive and Gram negative organisms. It disrupts the plasma membrane of the bacterial cell, and the bacterial cellular contents are lost.  These solutions leave a residue on the skin which gives a persistent anti bacterial effect lasting 1 or 2 days.  Its actions are not affected by blood, pus or soap.
  • Cetrimide is a quaternary ammonium disinfectant and cationic surfactant.It dissociates in aqueous solution into a relatively large and complex cation and a small anion.  It too has bactericidal activity against Gram positive and at a higher concentration, against some Gram negative organisms.
  • Solutions containing 1 to 3% cetrimide are used as shampoos to remove scales in seborrhea of the scalp ( dandruff problem). Aqueous solutions containing 0.1 to 1% have been used for treatment of wounds and burns, for pre-operative cleansing of skin and for removal of scabs and crusts in skin disease.

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Let  me tell you where you can use it effectively:

  • In case of cuts/wounds or skin affected over a concentrated area, it helps if you wet a cotton patch liberally with Suthol, place it on the affected skin and put a clean gauge on top fixing the entire dressing with a tape. Change this dressing twice a day, definitely after bath. Do not let the dressing get wet externally.
  • Suthol has a preventive effect on skin rashes. For prickly heat prone or pimple prone skin, go on applying Suthol on the area as a preventive measure. You will find that eruptions will be absent or much less frequent than usual.
  • Use Suthol as an after bath body conditioner to remain fresh. Spray Suthol underarms & on other body parts. Or put a few drops on your palm and rub it on your body.  Spray it over the rash you get from sanitary pads and any topical itching in your privates.  You can spray Or you may put a few drops of Suthol in a mug of water and pour it on yourself after bath. Wipe dry without any further rinsing.  What a nice product for us women!

BOROLINE's Suthol Skin Shower+medicine for bath water

You can also find the following products manufactured by the same company:

  • BOROLINE  Antiseptic Perfumed Cream

  • ELEEN Perfumed light hair oil. Enriched with Amla & Vitamin – E

  • PENORUB BALM Potent Pain Manager

Overall I like this product very much.  I use it in my bath every night.  When there is any itching I just spray it over the affected part.  It does not sting.  Everyone can afford to be protected and expect to get results.   Would you believe it if I told you I used it for a stray dog who had a skin infection (scabies) the other day?  The area is so much better and starting to heal.

I would say get one as soon as possible.  It’s just wonderful!

 What I like about BOROLINE’s Suthol Skin Shower Review:

  • Affordable
  • Great product from a reputed and trustworthy brand
  • Soothes all kinds of skin irritations
  • Does not STING
  • Works as an antiseptic but doesn’t smell like one.
  • Easily avaliable all over India and online
  • Safe for children
  • Handy product
  • Travel friendly
  • Nice sturdy packaging

  • Rating: 4/5

What I like don’t like about BOROLINE’s Suthol Skin Shower Review:

Nothing really

Have you tried BOROLINE’s Suthol Skin Shower?

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  1. Thank you one and all…..You can find these gems in the smallest of road side chemist shops……….u have to dig in the shelves and u will find amazing products that are not popular but really good…..enjoy…Not everything good is in the MAC store.

  2. yeah even i have used suthol from time it was launched .every year in monsoon i buy a bottle which will last me till next summer. I use only when required because its antiseptic and indiscriminate use makes bacteria robust and eventually resistant to it and then it stops working effectively for skin conditions. The same thing happened with dettol na. In our biologist circles we call dettol just a perfume. Most harmful bacteria are resistant to it now. Same with home use phenyl- floor cleaner !


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