Bottle gourd raita/ghiya /lauki raita/दही Ghiya तैयारी with step by step picture and video


This one is for my friend Rentu

Bottle gourd raita is easy to make. Doesn’t require many ingredients,  is low in calories and is nutritious too.

Here goes the recipe

Cooking and preparation-15-20 minutes

2 cups curd(Yogurt)
1 cup grated Ghiya(lauki)
1tsp cumin powder(jeera powder)
salt to taste

Black pepper according to tatse (You can add red chilli powder if you dont like to use black pepper)
1 chopped tomato(optional)
Chopped coriander

Method and preparation:-

Step1-Take a pan and add 3-4 cups water in it.

Step2-Add grated ghiya in it and boil till it is soft which takes maximun of 10 minutes.

Step3-Drain it with the help of a sieve and let it cool and keep it aside.

Step4-In another bowl take out the curd and add 1 cup water in it(to lighten it thickness .You can increase or decrease the thickness according to yoru requirement)

Step5-Beat the curd or stir it with a hand mixer.

Step6-Add the grated boiled ghiya.

Step6-Add salt, cumin powder, black pepper powder and mix well.

Step7-Keep in refrigerator for an hour or so.

Serve chilled with Paratha, chapati or anything with which you like to eat raita with.

Check out the video of the recipe here


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  1. hey Thanks dear…… m sure it must be very tasty…and it being low cal, makes it all the more better…….This is the first lauki dish that i know of, after lauki ka halwa

  2. It tastes so delicious especially with biryani and too good for cooling yourself in summer! A bit of coal smoke makes it yummier!

  3. @ Rentu-This is nutritious and tasty and great when you want light for your [email protected] Hamira-Oh coal smoke in do u do that Hamira..My mom used to do it in dal but dont know about [email protected] Rachana-Do let me know how it turns out…:)When ever I want to make some thing nutritious I make this only if I have lauki at home:)

  4. Light a coal by putting it on stove flame!Put a pc of bread on raita, place coal on top, pour oil and cover the dish containing raita!Allow the smoke t spread for 2 mins!remove coal and serve.


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