Bourjois 3D New Lip Gloss in Rose Angelic: Review , Swatches


Given my propensity to love everything lippy, it was no wonder I would fall for this one. But, when I fell I did not know how hard I would fall, but let me tell you, it was all worth it.

Presenting my favorite gloss of the month – Bourjois 3D New Lip Gloss. It is perfect.

Sigh. ..Perfect.

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Bourjois3D New Lip Gloss in Rose Angelic  Review + bourjois bourjois rose angelic

That said, it does come with its share of woes. When I first applied it on my mouth I thought the glitters were too much and they did tend to turn slightly greengold when light fell on them.

But, I am long since reconciled with that and I love the way my mouth looks now. I can POUT now and people would look at me.

So, the gloss looks like this. Mine was 550/- INR which I think is great, because I intend to buy this color again. There are other amazing shades too, but I will be sticking with this one. The handle is long, with a brush-applicator (something I don’t like much) but overall it does a good job (surprising, that!).

Bourjois3D New Lip Gloss in Rose Angelic Review + bourjois+ lipgloss

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Then comes the obligatory hand swatch, and trust me, they don’t look nice.

Swatches Of Bourjois 3D New Lip Gloss In Rose Angelic :-

Bourjois3D New Lip Gloss in Rose Angelic Review + bourjois lipgloss swatch

However, the hand swatch is needed to show just HOW exceptionally glittery and glossy this is. Because I cannot show you the full effect when I put it on my mouth.

I would give full marks to this lip gloss for being one of the colors which I can wear day and night, and everywhere, just by making sure I put the right amount in. Generally I am a fan of pink lip glosses, and this one delivers a color which is the perfect shade of nearly nude peachy pink and it plumps up my lips quite nicely. I use it solo, as well as over pink lipstick. What my biggest crib about this is that it does not come with any ingredient list and I do not know what goes into it. And the Bourjois site does not help either. But, still, I adore this one.

 Bourjois3D New Lip Gloss in  Rose Angelic Lip Swatch

  1. Inside room, night. No flash.

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Bourjois3D New Lip Gloss in Rose Angelic Review + bourjois

  1. Inside room, day, no flash.Bourjois3D New Lip Gloss in Rose Angelic Review + bourjois lip swatch
  2. With flash, over pink lipstick.

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Bourjois3D New Lip Gloss in Rose Angelic Review + bourjois lipgloss lip swatch

The lip gloss is pink and with a lot of glitters, that bleed, yes, but at the same time, they are too tiny, so they are DEFINITELY not obvious, and I like it. It stays on for about 2-3 hours and if I use it over lipstick, it stays close to four, after which you must renew it. I generally team this with Blushing Bride from Avon, which is a lovely shade from their new Rose collection. It has no smell, and it glides on perfectly, and the brush applicator is actually pretty nice. I find the package to be well-made, sturdy, and sexy too.

The packaging makes it super-easy to carry around and it is easy to apply too. I like the gloss and generally use it to hydrate my lips. They hydrate without being sticky, so guess how much I love it?

So, here’s a quick look at my yays and nays.

What I like about Bourjois3D New Lip Gloss in Rose Angelic:-

  • Lovely shade
  • Travel-friendly, sexy package
  • Stays more than an average gloss
  • Hydrates quite well
  • Looks good both with and without lipstick

What I don’t like about Bourjois3D New Lip Gloss in Rose Angelic:-

  • Bleeds slightly
  • Contains glitters which settled down into lip lines and edge of mouth
  • Not non-transferable
  • No ingredient list provided

Ratings: 4/5

Will I Repurchase? I already have purchased another from this range, and I will continue with more.

Have you tried the Bourjois3D New Lip Gloss in Rose Angelic?

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  1. i have this gloss in a different shade called brun magic something, which am not much fond of, that looks pale,but this one is really pretty :lipstick:

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