Bourjois – Bio Detox Organic Foundation Review & Swatches


Bourjois – Bio Detox Organic Foundation

Okay, so the most difficult task in buying the right makeup is to pick up the foundation which suits your every need. I know many of you guys would not be having as much trouble as I have in buying foundations but I really dread it as I have wasted a lot of money on the wrong ones. Many of you would have seen Lisa Eldridge’s videos and if you have you might be aware of the soft spot she has for Bourjois foundations.

Bourjois Bio Detox Foundation

Since she praises Bourjois foundations so much, I thought of giving them a try and went to buy the iconic Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation but the SA instead recommended this one and was all praises for its benefits. I have been fooled by them so many times but even then I picked this one because of the magic words like Natural, Detox and Organic. Read on to know my experience with this foundation below:

So, first of all this does not contain Silicone, it may sound like a good news and in a way it is but my dear, blending this is such a hard work that the lazy girl in me somewhat hates this foundation. By difficult, I mean really really difficult.

Bourjois Detox Organic Foundation

I have always hated myself for buying the wrong shade of foundation, the SA’s in India are so determined to make you fair that they will make you buy the lighter shade. I am so frustrated with this now that I tell them before even starting that they do not have to worry about making me look white, I am happy with my complexion so just gimme my shade! So, back to my story, I ended up buying a slight darker shade this time as I was so much scared of buying a lighter one.

This does not look bad on me as it adjusts in some time and starts looking natural and matches my skin tone, the shade is own is N 57 Hale Bronze. I feel the shade numbers are not the same as the Healthy mix ones so even if you are confident about your shade match in Healthy mix, it is a better idea to swatch this one before buying.

When it comes to shades, Bourjois offers quite a good range in these and you will find a good match in this range.

When I first applied this foundation, it was horrible! It did not blend and I could see patches on my skin. This lay in my closet for a while and I tried this once again on a weekend when I had ample amount of time and my skin was well primed and this blended. And man, I loved the finish it gave to my skin. Almost a ‘my skin but better’ feel. So from my experience, I would suggest you that though it is a good foundation and gives a good finish stay away with it if you have dry skin. I have combination skin and I avoid using this in winters. It has a medium coverage which is buildable. But I would not suggest to build up the coverage as it might look cakey, and concealers can do the rest!

Bourjois Organic Foundation swatch

Bourjois Foundation blended swatch

It comes in a plastic bottle and only a little quantity is required to cover both face and neck. Staying power of this foundation is commendable as it stays for the whole day and even at the end of the day, my face looks fresh. When I wear this, it is hard to notice that I am wearing a foundation. The skin looks good, but not made up and I love this about any foundation.

We have been so used to products with Silicones that the first impression of this foundation is not great but once you figure out how to use this, you might actually find this to a great find! Just use this on a well moisturized skin and if it looks a bit patchy after application, just a bit of rose water or even water can be used to blend this. Once on, this goes a long way.

Price: I got this for 980 INR but Bourjois has hiked the price recently so not sure if the price has increased since I bought this.

Let me sum up the pros and cons for you below.

What I like about Bourjois – Bio Detox Organic Foundation:

  • Good shade selection
  • Gives a nice finish, good for oily skin
  • Staying power is good
  • Bourjois products are easily available
  • Stable and practical packaging
  • Organic

What I don’t like about Bourjois – Bio Detox Organic Foundation:

  • Pricey
  • Will not suit dry skin

Have you tried Bourjois – Bio Detox Organic Foundation ?

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