Bourjois Blush 92 Santal Review and Swatches


I have a thing for blushes. It’s no longer a secret anymore. However, I dislike pink blushes because my skin, which is yellow tinged and tanned, does not suit it. So, I generally use some other color. And Bourjois, with its numerous charms, recently tempted me to buy this little beauty.

Bourjois Blush 92 Santal Review and Swatches+Brown Blush for Indian Skin Tones

Presenting Santal, my newest obsession, a color that is truly too tempting for me to resist. Bourjois claims that this is one of the first products in their series of makeup and I somehow am not surprised. I love the formula and the fact that they just go so perfectly on me. The packaging is typically Bourjois, it is a round blush pot, the same color as the blush which contains the blush, a round mirror, a small fan shaped brush with a little mother-of-pearl handle (which I personally find a bit useless but my best friend, who has one, swears by them), and a small paper that describes the way the blush can be used. I have taken this around everywhere and this is virtually indestructible (I LOVE that).

Price Of Bourjois Blush 92 Santal is 575/-

For my skin, this is the perfect contour blush for my cheeks, and used lightly, the color also looks gorgeous on the apples of my cheek. Santal is a color which is not over the top at all, though it looks dark and scary at first. It is a beautiful color (actually the color of sandalwood if it makes sense), which is a dark bronze orange shade with a hint of shimmers in it. However, when applied, no glimmers or shimmers can be seen on the cheeks, and the color sets perfectly over my cheeks. I pick it up with my blush brush, and yes, there is virtually no fallout. The blush is slightly difficult to pick up with my brush, though, but if you rub it a bit, the color does stain and look great.

Bourjois Blush 92 Santal Review and Swatches+Bronzy Brown Blush for Indian Skin Tones

Though it looks pinker on the pot, it actually gives my skin a much-needed glow, and I find myself using this when I am looking for a matte effect, no dramatic gestures, yet very effective. The color actually stays for 4-5 hours and then fades a bit, but not all. I like using this right beneath the apples of my cheek, to make my face look slimmer, and yes, I adore the color in the winter.

Bourjois Blush 92 Santal Swatches:-

Bourjois Blush 92 Santal Review and Swatches+Cocoa Brown + Sandalwood Shade

Overall, this is one color which has to be used judiciously, and girls under NC 40 might have to blend this in a bit more. However, this is, I can safely say, one of those crucial colors for yellow-toned girls, who look darker with pink blushes. Another thing is this – I have been using this blush for the last month, and it has barely made a dent on the dome. This means, even if I use really regularly, I can see the blush not getting over before 6 months minimum. This is thus one of those investments, which you can make safely because you know the product is going to last you a long time. The blush stays fresh for about 2 years once opened, so not a big problem there as well.

Bourjois Blush 92 Santal  Swatches:-

Bourjois Blush 92 Santal Review and Swatches+Swatch

Pros:Bourjois Blush 92 Santal :-

  • Cute Packaging
  • Color
  • Very travel-friendly
  • Staying power
  • Blendable
  • Virtually no fallout
  • Has a mirror inside the pot which is actually quite handy

Cons:Bourjois Blush 92 Santal :-

  • Applicator is pretty useless

Verdict: 5/5

I would give this the perfect score because this is perfect for me.

Have you tried  Bourjois Blush 92 Santal ?

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  1. Nice review Poorna :-)) All bourjois products have lovely packaging. This shade would work great as a bronzer for that sun kissed look 😎

  2. These baked blushes always look so yumm! :eat: Fab shade Poori :yes: Did u know the new shades cost more than 600 bucks :-(( Aaah why oh why does everyone keep hiking price tags like this?? :confused:

  3. pretty shade will suit almost everyone if worn properly 🙂 and the brush too is good for touch ups looks better than the ones maybelline provides :yes:


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