6 Bourjois Blushes Photos & Swatches


One of the reader Neha asked me to do the swatches of Bourjois Blushes.Most of these blushes have pearly or shimmer finish .There are few blushes in the range which are called as D’or which means the colour has hint of gold in it.They are well pigmented and are baked.Problem with baked blushes are that they tend to become harded in their texture after a while.To make them soft just remove the upper layer of the blush with a brush after 3-4 months same goes with the baked eye shadows as well.:)

Blush comes in a small round compact packaging and has a inbuilt mirror in it.It has a cute mirror also which is always handy to use while traveling.

There are many many more blushes in this range  I am sharing what I could find in the store.

Price of Bourjois Blush is Rs 550

Bourjois Blush Rose Frisson – It has a rosy sheen with subtle golden shimmer in it.Shimmer is way too fine and gives a glow to your cheeks.


bourjois rose frisson blush Review

Bourjois Swatch Rose Eclat – This is an rosy plum colour with fine shimmer in it.It  too gives a glow to face and doesn’t show the sparkle .

 Bourjois  Rose Eclat Review

Bourjois Blush Tomette -It is a peach colour as its base and shades of brown in it.


 Bourjois Blush in Tomette Review

Bourjois Blush Lune D’or- This is a natural looking colour which is can be used more of a highlighter.It is a beige with  pink colour with hint of shimmer in it.If you have dark skin then you can use it as a overall skin brightener.It might not be that visible on fair skin.



bourjois lune d or blush review

Bourjois Blush  Ambre D’Or – It is a warm peach colour with pearls in it.I do see pink undertones in it but it will give more of peachy glow to the face.


Bourjois Ambre D'Or reviews

Bourjois Blush Tomette D’or – It’s a bronzy rose colour with gold shimmer in it.

Bourjoi's Tomette D'Or Review

Swatches of Bourjois Blushes -(From left to right)

Burjois Rose Frisson,
Bourjois Rose Eclat,
Bourjois Blush Tomette ,
Bousjois Blush Lune D’or,
Bourjois Blush  Ambre D’Or,
Bourjois Blush Tomette D’or


Swatches Of Bourjois Blushes +Rose Frisson+Rose Esclat+Tomette

A closer swatch of Bourjois Blushes(LtoR)

Burjois Rose Frisson,
Bourjois Rose Eclat,
Bourjois Blush Tomette ,

Bourjois Rose frisson+rose eclat+tomettee swatches

Swatches of Bourjois Blush (LtoR)

  • Bousjois Blush Lune D’or,

  • Bourjois Blush  Ambre D’Or,

  • Bourjois Blush Tomette D’or


Bourjois Ultrashine Lune D'or+Amere D'or+Tomette D'or Swatches

Which Bourjois Blush Have You Used in these??

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  1. i want tomettee but then i picked up an teal colour eyeshadow so will wait for a while more…i m stuck with matte blushes and now i want some glow to my face :D:D


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