Bourjois Double-Tip Applicator Review


Bourjois Double-Tip Applicator 

Bourjois is one of my favorite makeup brands and when I realized they made brushes too, I couldn’t wait to lay my hands on one. This dual-tip applicator seemed unique…not to mention almost extinct. 😛 This brush was originally designed to be used with Bourjois baked eyeshadows that can be used both wet and dry. Ah! I should have considered “Makeup Historian” as a career option. Now, doesn’t that sound cool?!! Hmm….I wonder what it would be like to learn about the origin of …. Oops! Sorry…where were we?? Ah yes! So you see, my primary intention while buying this was to get a good companion to go with Coloressence Cake Eyeliner (reviewed here) and this seemed perfect! :yippee: Or WAS it?? :-/ The suspense begins here and you’ll soon find out… :suspense: (*dramatic music playing in the background*)

Bourjois Double-Tip Applicator Review+makeup brush set

About Bourjois Double Tip Applicator :-

Bourjois Applicator Double Tip is a Double-Ended Applicator specially designed for Makeup Professionals. On one side, the foam tip helps to emphasize the lash or apply the paint on the entire eyelid. Moisten the applicator for a liner route. The other, the brush tip, provides a perfect shadow fading. Can also be used to fade the color of lipstick.

  • Price: INR 150

Bourjois Double-Tip Applicator Review details+makeup brushes set

  • Packaging: The applicator comes in a plastic pouch backed with product details and instructions. It is a disposable pouch but can be reused to a certain extent since it has a flap with a sticky end that can be reclosed.
  • Description:The applicator is shiny black in color and appears to be made of wood that is heavily coated. There is a foam tip at one end and a brush with presumably natural-hair bristles at the others. Both ends come with stiff, plastic bristle-guards that protect the two applicators and this makes it convenient for travel.

Bourjois Double-Tip Applicator Review brand+best makeup brand

The uses of each applicator are printed onto the brush. For instance, the foam-tip side reads: “Outline”, whereas the brush-tip end reads: “Smudge”. This confused me initially since I’ve always known foam tips to be smudgers and the brush tip has a tapered, precise end that would prove to be great for outlining. ?:-) I was sure Bourjois has messed up the names and I was left wondering if it was just this particular piece. A few minutes of research online revealed that this was the way the applicator is meant to be after all. :nerd: Talking about research online, this particular product from Bourjois is practically unheard of! :confused: Apart from the online shopping website, I have not come across this brush anywhere else.


Like I mentioned earlier, I was pretty skeptical about the specified uses of the brushes. I applied kohl as usual and proceeded to smudge it with the brush-tip. The brush is of medium density, flexible, and it tapers towards the end. Although the bristles “look” rough and scratchy, they are surprisingly soft and gentle on the eyes. Thanks to my oily lids, I sometimes feel the brush does more erasing than smudging. 😛 Nevertheless, when used with a light hand and on non-grease-ball-like-skin it serves its purpose well. :lashes: This can be used to define the crease or for precise application of shadow. It says you can also use this on the lips but I have not tried it. If you read the next section on “maintenance: you’ll know why.

The smudge-tip…oops, I meant the foam-tip (see, I’m still confused :hypnotized:) is tough, resilient and spongy. I wet the tip slightly, ran it over Coloressence cake eyeliner and tried lining my eyes. I was almost shocked to see how beautifully it worked. It picks up a good amount of product and helps to draw smooth, even lines. But the main issue is that you cannot draw thin, precise lines with this one. I wish it had been more tapered and thin to aid precision lining.

Bourjois Double-Tip Applicator Review foam and brush tips+makeup brushes


I’ve washed this brush only once and I simply dread doing it again! :tremble: The foam tip feels quite rubbery and easy to wash and maintain. The brush, on the other hand, is a different ball game. As I twirled the bristles in mild baby soap, it started shedding like crazy. 😯 I had to hastily finish washing for fear that it was going to go bald if I proceeded to shampoo it any further. :quiet: Even now, you can see from the pictures, that there are bristles sticking out at odd places. Since I cannot wash this as often as I would like, I reserve this only for smudging my daily Kohl and do not use this for eye shadows or lip products. Such a shame, since this seemed like a lovely multi-purpose brush otherwise :struggle:

Bourjois Double-Tip Applicator Review brush+professional makeup

Also, the bristle guards (which appear very sturdy initially) start cracking after a point of time. :pain: This made me understand why brands like Sigma and Coastal Scents supply bristle guards made of flexible plastic. And wait…I haven’t finished here yet. :stop: Another pet peeve I have is that the print of the brushes gets rubbed off. This may not be an issue for many but I like my stuff looking fresh and well-maintained, however long I’ve had it. C’mon…even my Vega brushes have the print on the handles still intact and I’ve had them for more than a decade!! :-/

What I like about Bourjois Double-Tip Applicator:-


  • Dual-tip applicator that serves multiple uses
  • Bristles are soft, non-scratchy and smudges kohl and shadows with ease
  • Sponge-tip is durable and helps to draw thick, even lines while being soft on the eyes
  • Both ends come with bristle guards making this applicator very travel-friendly
  • The entire applicator is of medium length, being neither too stubby nor too long and is comfortable to hold and use
  • Inexpensive


What I don’t like about Bourjois Double-Tip Applicator:-


  • Bristles shed badly while washing
  • Foam-tip could have been more tapered to enable precision lining
  • Cannot be used with lipsticks as claimed, simply because it cannot be washed often
  • Bristle-guards start cracking after a period of time
  • Print on the handles gets rubbed off easily even when maintained well
  • Availability

Rating: 3.5/5

Final Thoughts:

This applicator is a good bargain since you get two for the price of one and it is still inexpensive even if it were to be a mono applicator. It performs fairly well since both applicators are soft and they smudge and outline eyes with ease. The most disappointing factor is that the bristles on the smudge-brush shed badly while washing. What is the point of a good brush if you cannot wash and maintain it?? :-/ Although it does seem good for the price, I’d say instead of wasting your money on something that will not see you through the years, you’d be better off  investing a bit more on a good branded brush that will not only serve your purpose, but will also be easy to maintain. Because, after all, unlike other makeup products that will expire and need to be tossed out, good quality brushes are a one-time investment that will hopefully last you a lifetime. :cute: (*More dramatic music, wild applause and insane cheering*) :yippee: See…this is what taking such a long break from writing reviews does to me :silly:

Have you tried Bourjois Double-Tip Applicator?

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  1. Loved reading the review Naf.
    I somehow dont like sponge tips, well noe iam eyeing on the Inglot brushes, will get my hands on them soon

    • Thanks Nav :cute: Am not a big fan of sponge tips either. Am thinking of getting the Colorbar smudger that Shwetha reviewed 🙂

    • Thanks Niesha. 🙂 Yea, Vega’s handle n print is of better quality than this one but the bristles are much softer than regular Vega brushes

  2. Def a miss ya..Naf isi missed ur style of writing..u make the entire post a amazing read even if the product is a dud!


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