Bourjois Paris Lip Liner in Rouge Seduction Review & Swatches


By Anusha Adabala

Bourjois Paris Lip Liner Rouge Seduction


Hello my dear beautiful friends,

How are you lovely ladies doing? What’s more appealing in weathers like this – a steaming cup of coffee, smoking pakoras, spicy chats or red pouts. While I drool over the other options I can’t ignore the red pout!!!! yess!! The review is about yet another red lippie. We know that Wiseshe already features a massive list of red lippies like nowhere else and here again is an another addition to that list – Bourjois Paris lip liner – Rouge Seduction


Bourjois Paris Lip Liner Rouge Seduction


This is my first ever red lip pencil and is actually a gift from my sis who got bored seeing me in neutral lips shades. The lip pencil is a lovely blood-red which illuminates the complexion and face instantly. It can be used alone or as a base for any red lipsticks.

The day I wore it alone for first time, I remember the ‘wow’ expression in my guys face 😀 and knew it was an instant hit!! Yeyyy so there’s a reason it’s called the ‘rouge seduction’ 😉 😛 😛

Price: 399 /- INR

Availability: permanent collection, you can get at Bourjois Paris counters across India

Quantity: 1.14gm


Bourjois Paris Rouge Seduction liner


My experience with Bourjois Paris Lip Liner in Rouge Seduction :

Texture: It’s a true matte yet not overtly drying to lips. It glides like a charm without pulling or tugging during application, but needs to exfoliate lips for a warm and neater finish. It’s forgiving even when I skip my lip balm attimes which is comforting to my laziness. And the best part is, it’s quite easy to touch-up and doesn’t feel heavy or layered.

Pigmentation: amazing pigmentation. Just one-two swipes and you get the shade.


Bourjois Rouge Seduction liner swatch

Single swipe & two swipes / smudged

Staying power: Alone it stayed for about 4-5hrs and topping up lipstick added 2-3hrs further. It wouldn’t survive heavy meals…especially oily food, you can literally see the tissues bleed as you dab your lips. 😀 but it would handle lighter snacks and drinks efficiently. And Nevertheless leaves a beautiful tint behind as it fades. No un-uniform flaking, no settling in lip lines, it’s been undoubtedly a strong scorer in-comparison to its expensive top-brand counterparts in my kitty.

My take:


Bourjois LipPencil Rouge Seduction lipswatch

Bourjois Paris rouge seduction lip liner alone. No lip balm underneath.


For me, it’s a winner mostly., be it the colour, texture, pigmentation, price.

The colour – true blood red

The texture – true matte yet not overtly drying to lips. creamy texture. doesn’t pull or tug the lips during application. I even skip the lip balm at times, but dry lipped beauties may not have this luxury 😛

Pigmentation – It’s got a great coverage and colour payoff.

What I like about Bourjois Paris Lip Liner in Rouge Seduction:

  • The super blood-red colour tone, certainly
  • Dual purpose – Can be applied as a base to any red lipsticks or alone (attimes I carried only this lipliner in my purse)
  • Says – it’s with mineral & antioxidant protective plant pigments
  • Staying power. Leaves a lovely red tint as it fades away
  • Matte, yet its a creamy glide during application without pulling and tugging
  • Good pigmentation. 1-2 swipes you get the shade
  • No un-uniform flaking, no settling in lip lines
  • quite easy to touch-up and doesn’t feel heavy or layered, the attritube I love most
  • Suits our Indian skin tones

What I dont like about Bourjois Paris Lip Liner in Rouge Seduction:

  • Very bland un-appealing wooden pencil packaging. I wish it looks as sexy as its name. 😉
  • Matte finish. Dry lipped beauties need lip balm underneath
  • Transfers slightly. Doesn’t completely survive oily meals or oily snacks, requires touch-up.

Rating: 4.7/5

Recommendation: Rouge Seduction is a beautiful ravishing blood-red which illuminates your complexion and face instantly. It’s certainly one of my best picks in the red lippie clan for that price and pros it offers. I definitely recommend a try, if you’re looking in this price bracket. Who knows, you might be rougely seduced and hopelessly tempted to own this red hottie. 🙂

Have you tried Bourjois Paris Lip Liner in Rouge Seduction ?

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