Bourjois Smokey Eyes eyeshadow Trio 04 Nude Ingénue Review & Swatches


Bourjois Smokey Eyes eyeshadow trio 04 Nude ingénue. I have been using my Lakme eyeshadow for such a long time that I decided to buy a nude shadow for Christmas. One beauty blogger suggested me Bourjois Smokey Eyes eyeshadow trio 04 Nude ingénue. I never regretted buying it. Its amazing. Three complimental shadows with two shadows having shimmer and the deep one a matte shadow. The shimmer is more like sheen over your lids when you wear it.


Bourjois Smokey Eyes eyeshadow trio 04 Nude ingénue


Bourjois Smokey Eyes 

The lightest one can be used as the highlighter, the medium one all over the lid and the deep matte shadow over the crease and the outer. I used it with brown pencils rather than a black liner. I loved the simple yet beautiful way it lit up my eyes even when it was 4:30 am in the morning. I didn’t create any complex looks just the simple one mentioned at the back of the shadow. 


04 Nude ingénue Bourjois eyeshadow smoky review and swatches


The eye shadow is so compact that it fits in my makeup pouch easily and very easy to carry around. The pigmentation is good. The brush picks enough in one swipe.

Swatches :-

Bourjois Smokey Eyes eyeshadow trio 04 Nude swatches

Pros:- Bourjois Smokey Eyes eyeshadow trio 04 Nude ingénue


  • Love the pigmentation
  • Suits women of all complexion
  •  Good for the price
  •  Compact enough to be carried easily

Cons:- Bourjois Smokey Eyes eyeshadow trio 04 Nude ingénue


  • The regular shadow brush doesn’t pick up much shadow.
  •  The shadow brush provided with it picks up enough shadow but difficult to handle

Verdict – 4.5/5
With so many shadows around I will try others before coming back to buy this again.


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    • good afternoon ana…….. 🙂 im quite excited with my next haul……………………….. now my area is under COD………….. so everything is in my hand……………………. 😀 😀

    • It safer for novice like me . . .Cant make mistakes. and also tempting enough for people to get their first eyeshadows.

      My friend got her first eyeshadow after she saw me wearing this.

  1. I think its 650 rs. when I bought it in december, I went to buy it for my friend when last week but the SA said they dont get any more of these shadows since bourjois is planning on launching more shadows.

    even the 03 and the o5 shadows are good. tried them last time.

    • lighter ones are shimmery but not the obvious shimmer . . . The shimmer is so fine tht it is just a beautiful sheen.

      Am not courageous enough to do a eye makeup look and post but if something turns out really good I can post . . .Just to show how beautiful this is. Suits all skin complexions.

  2. the colors are absolutely prettyyyyyy 😀 am gonna try this range for sure :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right:


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