Bourjois Volumizer Mascara Review


 Bourjois Volumizer Mascara

I am such a fan of liner and mascara. I wear them every where. I may even sway my liner for a kajal but mascara now way. This is my latest mascara. I have been using the Lóreal for a long time but I couldn’t get it inIndia, so I went for the Bourjois volumizer mascara. I love this so very much.


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It has a unique combination of brushes that gives you just the amount of product it needs.  The first brush gives you minimal product which acts as the base for more product to sit on. The next brush gives you loads of product which you have to wear with care. My tip is to wear it with a zig zag motion, which prevent the lashes from clumping together.


Bourjois volumizer mascara+mascara bourjois+



Look at the amount of product on the wand.


voluminizing mascara bourjois+volumizing mascara+Bourjois


Use the first brush and apply two coating for office and for a party or a night out use the second brush too. Your lashes look really voluminous and beautiful without looking weird or artificial. The mascara is not water proof but water resistant which is more then enough for me since the mascara doesn’t run when my eyes tear up


Pros:Bourjois Volumizer Mascara


  • You can control the level of product on your lashes.
  • Water resistant


Cons:Bourjois Volumizer Mascara


  • Pricey for a mascara
  • The second brush should be applied with care if not your lashes might look clumpy.


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    • i was using colossal for such a long time..i recently changed and got DAL and nyx long lash wala mascara..i wana get the rotating wala bourjois one next 🙂

      • I have Define and volume both, but khatam hone ka naam nahin le rahe, I am bored looking at them now 😛
        plus I am not gonna buy waterproof eyeliners, its just to tough to remove them 🙁

        • my eyes water a lot when tired. so have to get them water resistant or water proof. Cant have mascara running when am in office.

        • i too never buy waterproof…it takes eons to remove and even then i feel like it darkens my under eyes…and then i scrub n scrub t cleanse and then my eyes feel sore 🙁

    • colossal is always th emascara i come back to no matter where all i stray…i cant help it..but i luv trying out new ones but somehow i dont like buying super pricey ones….i dont wana shell out too much for a product which has a life of 3-4mts only.. but the temptation is so grt..

        • exactly..last yr i lost sooo many mascaras in monsoon time…i dunno y i happened to buy mascara’s then..and then thanx to the rains i hardly used them and then had t throw them out 🙁

      • But zara my Lóreal mascara went on for atleast 8 months and my bourjois is there for like 3 months. Its all good till I complete them.

  1. i LOVE mascara!!it makes my eyes looks so pretty and now after seeing this review i want it! PT!!! Ye mascaraaa….mujhe dede thakurrr!!

  2. I don’t like to spend too much on mascara. But I have wanted this for ages. The two wands etc kind of call me 😛 Might get this one once my current one is finsihed

    • hey Manya…Colorbar one is also quite good…i used it some time back and the lengthening effect is quite nice…the volumizing side tho isnt too impressive…sorta 50-50..but definitely worth a try..

      • If you want to be intrigues by the duos, it’s fine for us curious cats ( I’m your league too). But so far, in the Indian market I feel Maybelline colossal ones do a pretty job

  3. I have the dual one from MAC, but right now am using Maxfactor, which is good but removing it is a big pain. Lets see how the MAC one turns out?


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