Bourjois Wet/Dry Eye Shadow (Ombre A Paupieres) Review


This is the new Bourjois paris wet/dry eyeshadow which I recently purchased  and my loving it to the core .Name is Ombre A Paupieres 02 :D:D

Bourjois Wet And Dry Brush Reviews

Price Rs 390 for 0.05oz.

It has this cute button like packaging and has large amount of product which will last years with me πŸ™‚


Bourjois ambre a paupieres eye shadow 02 review

02 ombre A paupieres is a teal blue colour which is quite hard from the surface which shows that it must have been baked.



Bourjois wet eyeshadow review

It comes with a cute brush which I don’t  use much as I find it pretty useless :D:D


Bourjois eyeshadow review

Swatches of Bourjois wet/dry eyeshadow #02

It is highly pigmented and if you see closely there is light subtle shimmer in it.Colour is buildable .As it is a baked eyeshadow it stays longer on my eyelids even in summer and blending is super easy with them.

Shimmer is more visible on my eyes when I use it wet.I find this blue quite wearable in this season along with white :D:D


Swatches of Bourjois 02 ambre a paupieres eyeshadow

I wonder how I stayed away from them for so long.Just loved it :-*:-*

Will show you some eye makeup with these one one soon :D:D

Will I re-purchase– Yes, I am going to buy it again but in other colours probably Kaki Etonnant 70 which is a beautiful brown golden πŸ™‚

Have you tried Bourjois hot/wet baked eyeshadow??

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  1. Wow! This color is so pretty..I love Bourjois packaging..They look so cute yet classy na?

    Just a query…I’be never really understood the concept of wet/ dry eye shadows..Whats the difference? As in, is it the staying power which gets effected??

    • it is a nice question which many must not be knowing..and u like a true makeup holic asked for it..

      wet application always gives better color pay off ..when we apply bake eyeshadow in wet they give us that metallic finish otherwise they give us sating finish if applied dried )

      and bourjois packaging is amazing..infact i want to build up my MAC collection but these drug store products always comes in my way and steal my heart away: D:D:D:D

      wats in dinner Madam HR ??:d

      • be honest, I’ve wondered lots of times after reading on blogs but never quite got up the guts to ask this question..Just felt comfy enough here to ask! πŸ˜‰ WiseShe, Zindabaad!!!

        I have wanted to buy a blush from the Bourjois D’or collection..But I always get sidetracked by something else..My current obsession is the Coastal Scents 10 Blush palette..M hunting jee-jaan se, but I guess I’ll end up buying from Ebay. All other sites accept cards or Paypal, and I have neither. Luckily Ebay accepts net banking so thatsmy best bet πŸ™‚ Have u checked out that palette? I looooove the colors it has..

        Ahem Ahem! πŸ˜‰ Madam HR is it? haha! No1s eva called me that b4..Office me bhi nahi..

        Dinner me Rajma chawal hai..Whatbout u? Kya banaya?

        • I made cabbage sabji, dal ,chutney and chapati :D:D

          my friend came over and she wanted to learn some chutney so made that extra :D:D

          actually i too have thought of idea of having blush palette but then i keep buying new blushes every now and then so skipped the idea..

          • i forgot to say i have seen you before on face book and you look so pretty..i was saying this other day to Rashmi also πŸ™‚

            • Wow! Hubby must have enjoyed dinner immensely then…Hey, even I don’t know how to make chutneys..Do a post on that na??

              Hey guess wot? I read ur earlier post on an easy formula to clean bathrooms…M gona try it out this weekend…fingers crossed!!

              Ohhh Gosh! Thanks so much for the compliment. I’m so golu na?..hehe..Lekin phir bhi kabhi kabar my pics come out nice.. Will add u tday on FB..Din’t know u were on it..

              I’m totally crazy about this particular palette. I like each n every color..Ive done so much research on tube, blogs, everything..Alotta ppl have termed it as the ultimate palette. It seems to have all colors one needs..Just between u n me though (and the blog) I dont really need it..But its a lust n greed sorta thing..hehe..

              • alright i will do it this sunday ..r u a non veggie or a veggie??

                actually we all r golu :D:D so its a golu community :rotfl:..yup add me on FB πŸ™‚
                do give me the link i will also try then ..i need a palette too .i was thinking of sleek first but then i am confused now πŸ˜›

                • Yey!! Phir I’ll also learn Chutney!
                  M a Non-Veg….How bout u?

                  Haha! Golu Community is it? How true..

                  I think Sleek mayactually be a better option..They have the same palette and its much cheaper at the same time the quality is also pretty gud..I can’t find Sleek on Ebay so i dont seem to have an option..Otherwise I wud probably go in for that only..

                    • Naa re…As it is I spend too much..I really dont the extra temptation..I don’t have alotta control in such things so as the saying goes, ‘Y summon the Devil??’ hehe..this applies to me totally!

    • baked eyeshadow when used with water gives more intense or you can say dramatic look Rashmi where as normal ones don πŸ™‚

    • i use Kodak camera which is the worst camera any one can have girl :(..i just take the pics in natural light ..that is it πŸ™‚

  2. thats super awesome color ana :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* me want badly and now will pick one soon :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*
    thanks honey for sharing

  3. The shade is so lovely and I like this baked look and the design, like pushing out of the brim. I dont know why I have a thing for these though I have none.

  4. They did not introduce it here. They have introduced quite a number of shades in the US and UKand also priced them so low, ever much lower than Revlon as I found in the Seventeen Magazine!! πŸ™

  5. I guess it would be. Ya. What I’m presently doing is, after each use swirling it on my make up removing wet wipes, withing 5 mins most of the bristles are getting cleaned. A temporary solution at least. What say?

    • may was a tip given to me by MAC MUA..:) and i personally like to clean them almost 2 times a week..i have become too concerned nowadays πŸ™‚

        • Well said A…my nightmare is only cutting onions! i hate hate hate that..If someone gives me kata hua onions I wont mind cooking at all..Its just the cooking prep that irritates me to no end..

    • Me only re..Pati Dev comes home late..By the time he comes everything is ready.. Although he’s a brilliant cook..much better than me if i may say so..he makes every item better than I.. πŸ™‚ i wish I were the hubby!!!


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