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Hi All,

I had written about buying these in my previous haul post and a lot of you were curious to know about the washing bags especially the Bra washing bag. I got this along with that from Westside. Its marketed as a washing bag for Bras, but I used for other undergarments as well and it works perfectly well.

So let’s not keep anyone waiting and jump right into it.. :dazed:

 Clean with me Bra Washing Bag Review

This is a good solution for those who use underwire bras and have other delivate lingerie. Washing these are always a pain since have to wash them by hands without any other option. And especially with underwire bras we can’t pop them into any other kind of washing bag since they are too thin and hence, they get bent out of shape.

Hence, this is the perfect thing to use. Let’s check it out further.

About the Bra Washing Bag:


Bra washing bag+How to wash wired bra in washing machine


bra washing laundary bag


  • Price: INR 179 per piece
  • Instructions for Usage:


Laundary bags+Bra Bag Laundary

I used this yesterday and worked great. I admit I was kinda scared of losing yet another garment but thought WTH, have to try it out sometime!. I just folded as per directions and put them in the washing machine and crossed my fingers. I was thinking that the mesh covering is kinda thick so the wash may not be as effective. But after the cycle, I opened up the lid and Voila! I was pleasantly surprised. My undergarments were intact; not stretched or deformed. 🙂

Girls! This is a must have for all ladies. No distorted or mangled bras ever again!! Yippee!!  :dance-leftright:

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  1. My bag is different …it doesn’t has any sponge to make it stand …its just net bag so dump everything and then put it in W/M. As I said in your last post ..use it for washing dupatta and ahd heavy work stuff. Basically you can use this bag for all the stuff that directly get damage in w/m ..

    And oh ya, did I tell the it’s can be used for washing socks too?? 🙂

    • Hey priti!Can b used for socks too?? cool!

      This does have a wired encased in sponge border to halp keep it standing…ive used it twice till now and it has stayed in shape..not fragile at all 🙂

    • hi Mitra…Even i dint know this existed till i saw this at westside…i was taken by surprise and thought ke i shud try it definitely…not everyday that u find somethin so useful..

      • Cause of it’s shape …if you see there’s sponge inside ( I am just guessing from the pic) it won’t last long ..and the shape will be able to handle the w/m beating ..I wonder …and it will take so much space in machine too I guess ..well I wish am wrong 🙂

              • true its pretty cheap….especially when u consider the no of bras ull save 🙂 :)…waise after reading ur comment i went and rechecked…the baggy is a mesh one and 4-layered so that it doesnt tear soon…the only place where the sponge is, is at the borders..the wire helping it stand up is encased in sponge in fact 🙂

  2. omg Zara! this is a total revelation for me! Lost a couple of my underwired ones in some washing machine tragedies, Do you know if its available even in Hyderabad Wala westside?? fingers crossed!

    • Hi Keerthi…this is definitely useful..i too lost a bra in a similar fashion and have been washing them by hand ever since..but again its a pain when ur in a hurry…

      m sure it must b available in hyd westside too…ill ask a colleague there too and tell u soon…

  3. 😐 😐 so so.. ive been stuck at home trying to finish my project. coz unless i submit that, i wont get my training certificate.. such a boring job i say :sweat: :sweat: 😮
    hw was urs ?? 🙂

  4. Zara darling……I”ll comment on ur review later but let me compliment u on ur typing speed…….girl u r so fast ………u purchased this bag day before yesterday…… U must have used it yesterday ……and today the review is here……..lightning fast ……

    Now the review……I.ts awesome ……and I wud also purchase it next time I visit westside…….

    • Hi Bhumika…even i thought it was very interesting and diff and picked it up…its one of those things a gal must try out!

    • Ukno Tans Westside has started stocking these awesome organizers…apart from the 2 washing bags, i got this Cosmetics travel bag which i forgot t photograph…its amazing and it has the facility to hang it up…very useful for us gals..

      some other things i saw there which r very useful were earring hangers..i also saw shoe bags for travel…not the individual types, but the zipped case wherein u canpack 6 pairs of footwear..

      i also saw these sock organizers which i think cud also be used for organizing make-up… 🙂 check it out!

      • Thanks zara! 🙂
        n the rest of the stuff sounds so cool! Organizers are the way to go na, makes life that much easier when you’re in a hurry, earring hangers too?? cant wait to check it out here! Hope its all available! Apprehensive bcoz it took ages for the footwear section to open in hyd westside!! 🙁


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