Brahmi Herb For Hair


Brahmi Herb For Hair

Ayurveda is one of the most ancient science which is credited to have evolved in Indian itself over a period of more than 5000years!!  Ayurveda not only focuses on curing the existing malady but also prevents it from reoccurring by balancing the doshas.

uses of brahmi

Talking about a particular herb called as Brahmi, we have often come across this herb as an active ingredient in most herbal hair products like shampoo, hair oil, conditioner etc. Today we are her to share some extensive knowledge about this extraordinary herb for hair care!

Brahmi is known as the best memory enhancing herb and has been widely used in traditional Indian medicine since years. The holistic effects of Brahmi enhancing the human memory and certain other things have been an object of study for many and has been also scientifically proved!

brahmi benefits

Brahmi is extremely good for the hair and I have tried to sum up all the effective implications of using Brahmi for hair as follows-

Stimulates Hair Growth-

A lot of people observe hair loss due to hormonal issues, stress, weight loss and tend to become paranoid seeing the rate at which their hair fall is happening! Brahmi also thickens the strands while strengthening the roots. You can make a paste in combination with amla, bhringraj, shikakai, tulsi powder together for better results.

Relieves Scalp Infections-

There are so many of us who have to face scalp issues like itching, dandruff, dryness and other inflammations! Well, Brahmi is one great herb which takes away all these scalp problems with regular usage!

Oil Your Hair

Stops Hair Fall-

Have you noticed a lump of hair every time you comb you hair? Well that is normal and will re-grow but in case you see excess of hair in a single hair combing session then you need to make a switch and choose hair care products which are all loaded with brahmi so as to help in reducing hair fall problems!

Prevents Pre-mature Greying-

Hair greying is a common hair concern and anything which is highly effective in preventing this problem is the brahmi herb which when included in the diet visibly reduces the grey strands of hair. If you cannot have it then a paste of brahmi can be ideally used to give that nourishment to the scalp!

Causes Of Grey Hair

Makes hair Stronger-

Hair fall also depends on factors like if the hair strands are not strong from the roots, a slight amount of effort will break them and so to deal with this a regular use of brahmi in the form of a hair mask, brahmi hair oil or shampoo gives that intensive nourishment which provides strength to the hair strands and hair become lush and thick!

Loreal hair colouring

One can ideally use a brahmi along with aloe vera as a weekly hair mask which will save the hair strands from the harsh effects of the climate, sun and pollution and also considerably improve the hair texture! 🙂

I hope you like these uses of brahmi for hair care! Do share if you have a unique DIY recipe using brahmi!

Have you tried using brahmi for hair?

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